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    Mobo: EVGA 680i SLI
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 @ 3.4GHz (425x8)
    RAM: 2x 1G OCZ REAPER PC2-9200 @ 850MGz 4-3-3-8
    GPU: 2x BFG G-Force 8800GTS 512 (G92) SLI
    HD: 2x Raptor 37GB SATA 10,000RPM (RAID0)
    + 2x SeaGate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB (RAID0)
    Optical: MSI DVD - CDRW SATA
    Sony DVD -+ RW DL
    Cooling Sys: Thermaltake Bigwater + Tt Rocket
    case: Thermaltake Kandalf
  1. Just now, I solved the very same problem happened to me check my post http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=78327
  2. well, it has been running all night now and the same: 1000 020D 0000 0006 0000. 1000 ...etc so the RAM is OK i guess... what's the next move? My system is still dead; BOOT, POST then "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA"!!!! I really need help here new development... Vista's DVD is running smoothly and just finish Memory Diagnostics Tool, which confirms RAM's OK. Tried System Restore aaaaaaaaaaaand,,, VOILAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT LIVES IT LIVES, THANX EVERYONE :""")
  3. how long does the test lasts? 2 sec, min, hours, days, YEARS maiby ;p it's been >5 min since i ran the test and only: 1000 020D 0000 0006 ... and on and on... BTW... if, and only if ;P, the board is dead shall i go to the ASUS Striker II Formula, EVGA 780i sli or XFX 780i sli. and do ASUS nforce boards have vRAM problems like EVGA's? or maybe i should get something cheap like 650i sli, and wait for ASUS Striker II Extreme? that's IF my board is dead... it's been like 35 mins and still: 1000 020D 0000 0006 ... and on and on...
  4. I'm not familiar with memtest can you guide me through thanx 4 replaying
  5. Hi everyone, I have a problem and my setup: eVGA 680i sli (125MHz PCI-E x16) 1.4v Chipset voltage intel e6600 @ 3.4GHz (425x8) 1.45v OCZ Reaper PC2-9200 @ (850 4-3-3-8, 1:1 FSB:RAM) 2.2v, SLI enabled Expert 2x BFG 8800GTS (GT92) SLI 2x WD Raptor 37GB (RAID0 main HD, system HD) Tt 750W (crossfire certified, not sli ) Windows Vista Ultimate 32bit (note: if spec in the bios not mentioned, it's set to default or auto) My manual OC was going fine for the last month, but i said why don't i give it a shot and try nTune The system crashed and wont start windows, it'll boot smoothly and i can change BOIS settings easily, shows the windows post screan and when it finishs POST, BSOD with the message "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" I tried: 1- going back to stuck setting for evrything except RAM @ 800MHz 2.2v, 5-5-5-18 2- Start Windows Safemode 3- Repair using Windows DVD, BSOD without the message. If this topic is in the wrong place, please, forgive me and guide me to the right place.
  6. Hi all I've just finished building my friends rig and the spec.s as follows: CPU: AMD Athlone64 X2 3800+ Mobo: DFI LanParty UT SLI-D RAM: OCZ Plateneum PC-3200 2-3-2-5 GPU: MSI 7800GT PSU: Tt PurePower 500W TWV Case: Tt Armor all stock cooling sys. I'm new to the AMD platform, in fact it's my first time building an AMD sys. I tried to OC, but couldn't success at all... and the RAM is awfully hot. Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm in Kuwait, so if you want to imagine the atmosphere, think of Arizona in the middle of summer; the CPU's idel temp. is 42C what I need after all this: How can I OC it... I've seen the BIOS of the mobo and it looks just like ABIT Fatal1ty's, but i don't know what to mod. and what to keep. I want my friend's gir spec to become: CPU: 2.2GHz FSB 220MHz RAM: 2-2-2-5 @ >220MHz I just found out that some of the apps are not running well such as mozilla FF and also i have some problims with the GPU it displays a massage saying that no enough power is suplied to the card!!! Help please
  7. we have to be fair... thier cases disigns are cool note: I have a Tt Bigwater and it's very bad, I think it's the worst... but i also have Tt Kandalf which is good...
  8. Don't get neer Tt Bigwater, it's really awful...
  9. I Think the whole sys. is awful... I'v wasted more than 2600$ for this Intel sh|t.... that's it... no more intel... man, look at this, although the core speed is 4087.78MHz, but the temp is high and the Ram ratio is 3:4 & 5-5-5-15... the only thing that works perfectly is the drives... can I cry? Edit: now that I finished crying... I visited Tt website and sow This additional rad, could it help reducing the temp?
  10. First, my cpu cooling sys. is Tt Bigwater, what do i replace it with? second, I aplied AS5 Thermal compound, but i'm not sure if aplied it correctly...! Third, my room Temp is 21-24C. do you think that my rig's limit is 240MHz Bus Speed & 640MHz RAM? also, My RAM CAS Latency is 5-5-5-15 @ ratio 3:4 which is too slow... although they mentioned on it "533MHz (3-2-2-4), 700MHz (4-3-3-12)", how can I solve this problim?
  11. why 6800 when you have 7800... unless $$ matters to you off couse...
  12. in the bios mode, after pressing Del @ POST screen, go to the rght once and check the jumperfree option... that's for asus p5ad2 maybe it's the same with a8nsli...!
  13. what's batter than bigwater? and i'm planing on adding another rad. to the cycle so it whould be: pump->rad1->CPU->rad2->pump... does it soud good? or should the whole wc sys. be replaced? another problim... my sys just hanged... it's not stable at 250MHz I'm trying 240 now... let's see what hapens... Oh.. and I'm not sure how to use prime95, i go to options->torture test->blend->ok is it ok...? Update: the gir. survived the night with torturing and the specs as follows: cpu core: 4.08GHz Bus Speed: 240MHz FSB: 961MHz Vcore: 1.49V CPU Temp.: 58C Mobo temp: 33C VRAM: 1.8V the stack-cool physically burned my finger...!! I Think I need a really coooooool sys....
  14. correction: the sys. is not stable @ 260 & 699 but @ 240 & 640 cpu vcore: 1.53V Memory v: 1.8V I ran prime95 on the sys. @ 243MHz & 1.5V, 650MHz & 1.8V and the temp.s are 61C cpu & 32C sys. temp. i was shocked to see the temp growing to 61 and just one day befor it didn't reach 55C which part of the sys. makes the problim...?
  15. My system restarts when i oc it to 266MHz Bus speed spec: asus p5ad2-e prem. p4 650 3.4GHz @ 4.3GHz 2x 1GB PDP patriot DDR2 Ram pc2 5600 @ 667MHz Dual asus AX700Pro VGA @ 475MHz core & 1000MHz Ram Tt BigWater Air cooled northbridge & southbridge Tt Kandalf case the cpu temo. never rizes above 51C and the sys. temp. <30C and the case is cool(temp)... please tell me how can i make my processor ee. note: the sys. is stable @ 260MHz BS & 699MHz RAM...
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