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  1. Ive gotten mine to work over that 550/550 and works fine but i have a zalman cooler on it so that might make a differnce. I use ati tray tools lots of goodies in there for tweaking the cards timing which i dont recomend unless you know what your doing. better alternative to ati tools. so check it out.
  2. Here are some pics. let me know what yall think. Pics may look crappy because i took them with camera phone =)
  3. Give the celeron to your sisters. that computer your building is not a 64 bit chip but the chip u chose will be able to run those programs with ease with not a problem. right now i got a xp-3000 oc to a xp 3200 speeds and it crushes with the vid card ati 9800 pro 256 i have. and im waiting on my new 64 bit amd 3500 proccessor for my new rig im building and that is going to crush harder. =)
  4. thats what im going to get it got a gold award good mobo. Just waiting on proccesor. =(
  5. Thanx for the info guys. The mobo was part of a barebone. I could sell the mobo and get the nforce 3 or 4 chipset. and i will be getting the 120 and hope it fits LOL. Great advice thanx. looked for more mobos 939 chip design for nforce4. I only have a 8x agp card and the ones with those chipsets are pci-e. When i get it together and oc i will post the stats. The nforce3 is the one with the AGP slot. ive seen epox and gigabyte. Or what nforce mobo to recomend. thanx again.
  6. This is my first post and a dandy one at that. I just got and asus a8v mobo, athlon 64-3500, maxtor 200 gig diamond max 10 8mb buffer, 1 1/2 gig of pc3200 ram, 400 watt x-connect power supply, 17" cmv lcd monitor, 9800pro 256mb, and ultra black neon windowed case. I was looking at the Thermaltake SonicTower 4-in-1 Heatpipe Cooler. has anyone used one and would it be a good choice for o/c. Please any suggestions you may have are welcomed. Thanx.
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