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    Swiftech 226 WATT Peltier
    Intel 2.8GHZ 800FSB HT @ 3.92GHZ (3:2 divider, 1.7 vcore)
    Abit IC7-G
    1 GIG pc3200 Corsair (dual channel)
    Nvidia FX5900XT w/ modded bios (370|480|950)Watercooled
    Creative Audigy2 HD w/ Logitech speakers z-640 5.1 surround sound (modded 350watts)
  1. Why leave, this is a forum, aren't forums about kinda like...debating i guess. And if i did say something to tick you amd lovers off... it wasn't directed to you as a person, so why call me a moron?
  2. OVERALL And no, i have both intel and amd machines, but this is a Processor forums isn't it? Just thought i'd state my opinion and link yall to an article about the two chips... but since yall are being so retarded about this i'm just gonna drop it. Aparently some but not all the pple in these forums are complete morons.
  3. This might be a stupid question but, is it possible to put two ide drives on raid 0 w/out having to use a pci raid card?...
  4. Actually, when i had oc'd my intel the the 3.0 speeds i got same score as the actuall intel 3.0, same w/ 3.2, and not oc'd i can hardly get 8,000 on Sandra. If Intel's worked better at lower speeds then why would millions of pple oc their processors?... Like i said before, i like both Intel and AMD, noth the new procs cost around $600, but due to the fact that intels oc more than an AMD would in it's own way, i would get an Intel.
  5. Ok, let's say i added an extra 1.5 mb of L2 and SS3 to my intel northwood... you think that would beat your amd? And get this, the intel 660 and amd 4000+ are almost identical in performance according to benchmarks. Now which processor is known for allowing extreme overclocks? See where i'm commin from?... if amd was more allowed to overclock their cpus more than intel... i'd go for amd... but that's not the case... and i guess you didn't read the article...
  6. Actually it did say somethoing bout prices... 1) both cpu's go for about 600$$$ 2) performance is almost identical OVERALL I like amd but if i was to buy one proc right now it would be the Intel mainly bcuz benchies show that both cpus are almost identical in benchies and bcuz of Intel's higher overclockability...
  7. 64-bt cpus... is dell already shipping out machines w/ 64 bit intels?...
  8. Intel P4 660 Review Looks like Intel is finally doing something to top AMDs. And the "ouch" goes tot he fact that intel has sold more 64-bit procs than amd.... yet amd has been out longer. (Not hating on AMDs) EDIT: "One change will annoy Intel, however: on the installation CD for Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, the most important operating system files are no longer in the 'i386' folder; Intel systems must load the installation files now from the 'AMD64' folder. Although that might hurt the industry leader, Intel may draw comfort from the fact that it has already sold more 64-bit chips than the inventor of the x86-64 architecture, AMD." Quote from the review.
  9. .... It's peltier cooled... cpu temp @ full load is 16 celcius....
  10. Don't listen to him... he owns an AMD.... he just wants your northwood to catch on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Have you seen the new 64 bit intels? Did you know that intel supports dual channel ddr which is much better than amd's single channel? Meh don't really got an argument here cuz i know nothing bout amds... and don't really care for them anyways...
  12. Yes but think about it... a p4 northwood vs fx55... try an lga775 p4 oc'd vs fx55 Thx for the advice... but i'm happy at the moment w/ this setup... i can play source getting a good 130 fps constant
  13. Be patient... i'm waiting untill next year to get my new rig, it will be a 64 bit intel and imma put a peltier and oc that bad boi
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