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    E6600 Core2Duo @3.2
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  1. SparXalt

    Women FAQ

    That's true Schwag, and sometimes its niether party's fault, sometimes situations and timing figure into it a great deal. and sometimes the girl is just bat-stinking-krazy and it take too long to find out.
  2. SparXalt

    Women FAQ

    My point exactly, like Schwag I take my relationships seriously "Go big or Go home" and this is one of those things where both guys and gals have to take the plunge. Sometimes it'll blow up in your face and you'll lose a great friend to your own stupidity. But it is nonetheless worth the risk because the best things in life require taking chances.
  3. SparXalt

    Women FAQ

    Wow Schawg what a firestorm you have started. I'll throw my two cents in on this though, While the friend-zone is a dangerous place; it's also not a bad place to be. I personally have quite a few close friends who are girls. And personally whether a prospective girl is in that zone or not, you had better hope that what you have is more than just "squishy-touchy-feely-love" cause that ain't gonna weather the storm of a relationship. A true mate is one that you can protect, hold, love, cherish, admonish, and take it all in return. If your looking for a mate, she needs be your best friend. Maybe not at first but that must grow with the relationship.
  4. SparXalt

    Dumbest Things You've Seen In It

    One day out of the blue my parent's cd-rw drive starts making these horrible noises and refuses to read disks. So i tell not to use it, and to get a new one. months later after i upgrade i offer them my old one. (same exact model) switch them out then decide to open the bad one. guess what was causing the noise? a case badge sticker which was stuck under the tray, above the laser. works great now. One day my 120gig Maxtor was suddenly dying so i'm in my case moving cables and swapping drives. in all the excitement i failed to notice the computer was on when i plugged in the molex. not too bad 'cept i plugged it in one pin to the right (don't ask me how but it is possible) *spark* flash and the drive died. so i RMAed it for a brand new one. most damaging: had my Radeon 9500 OCed about +10% when my aftermarket led fan unplugged itself from the mobo.
  5. SparXalt

    Id Vs. Evolution In Public Schools

    I'm with Dodobird on this one. since neither can be reproduced or seen diectly they both require a belief, a "faith" if you will. And as to it being constitutional. The constitiotion says nothing as to "the seperation of church and state." that is a misquoted line from a private letter written by thomas jefferson to a friend. But once again dodobird is right, it refered to the State church, as in you were roman catholic or you weren't a citizen. "Don't believe everything you hear, know your history, and weigh all the side equally before you decide"
  6. Found this while browsing around. FAH installed itself on my computer Computer security foiled agin by running pr0n .exe's
  7. For future refrence the best way to get a jewel off IMHO is to stick the whole lid in the freezer for about half an hour (oh yeah take off the metal flashing first) then pull it out and give it a good wack right on the back. jewel *should* pop off. Of anf forget sanding it use brasso. Like so
  8. SparXalt

    I Just Upgraded My Xbox!

    Fun fact of the day, the marrige theory has nothing to do with Xbox live. the marrige theory is this: A chip on the xbox motherboard known as an EEPROM contains all the vital data for you xbox to run (like region, highdef settings, serial numbers, etc.) one of the #'s on that chip is call the hard drive key. its a long string of hex that is unique to each box. when you turn on your xbox and you see the green flubber, the xbox is compairing that key with the one on the hard drive, if they match you can acess the hardrive if they don't you'll get an error. So then if you buy yourself a brand spanking new 120 gig and just plug it into your xbox you'll get an error cause the drive dosen't contain a key. the same goes for the 8 (or 10) gig out of the xbox, if you stick it into your computer you cannot use it because your computer doesn't supply the key. a hard drive and its matching motherboard are said to be married. a harddrive with a key is "locked," a harddrive without one is "unlocked." That is the marrige theory.
  9. SparXalt

    Xbox Mobile Mod!

    I like the idea, in fact i think i might have seen a similar design in the XS forum, but heck if i can remember where. but anyway the only concern i would have would be ventilation, you need at least an inch of space on the front and left side, and even more for the right and the back (as that's where most of your cooling comes from.)
  10. SparXalt

    I Forgot To Do This My First Day

    Hey i just came by to introduce myself and low and behold heres a thread full of people who forgot just like i did. So to add to the list. Hiya all i'm SparXalt i fold for the team but i don't get by the forums too often.