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  1. Thanks for that but is the Saitek Cyborg Evo Force Feedback Joystick any good? I haven't found a review on the net, has anyone got one of these?
  2. i'm buying a new joystick ,please caould anyone tell me whta is the best one to buy for playing bf1942 and vietnam. give me a coupleof choisce money no object thanks
  3. Please can any of you look aat the enlight website and see if the new enlight cases are any good they are shipping next month and they have the cooling funnel outlet for the cpu as well as the vent over the agp card. Anyone rate the EN or PA 4201 case ? Enlight url is http://nl.enlightcorp.com
  4. I'm a noob but I need to upgrade my PC so its BTX compatible so all you techie peps out there what is the best ATX case out there to buy? I have 4 hard drives so i need cooling there and I would like a quiet pc so if you had a bit of money what case would you but and what fans if any? Is it coolermast ,thermaltake or the new enlight pa-4201 case?
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