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  1. is the difference big between geforce 5200 128 and 256mb?
  2. thanks.but i want to know by your opinion which of 2 card have better frames
  3. i have this quetion what video card have better perfonce and better overclokin?
  4. thanks for url-but i cant understand what i must do in the gpu pins to raise up the voltage i see this mhz and i am enthustiatic B:)
  5. the problem is that i dont know anything about voltmod do you know any url for help or to buy
  6. ok you are right but i NEED TO do overclocking.
  7. can anyone help i want to do this and i but i dont know
  8. i have this model of asrock-k7upgrade880 for amd
  9. hi all.i want to raise my agp voltage but i dont know can anyone help me? thanks
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