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  1. ok so i believe that they can cause some distortion in a moniter or speakers but does ne1 know why this happens?
  2. hello so i am sitting here in astronomy and my teacher is freaking out thinking that someone is using their cell phone because her moniter is wigging out i say that there is no possible way that the radio waves of an incoming call could effect a moniter could any of u provide a more detailed explanation of if this is actually possible or not
  3. im building my first comp and picking my mobo has basically been a nightmare no matter what you read people are always say dont get this get this and what not but i have been looking at this one for a lil while now http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813131540 now i know that i want to overclock it somewhat but i am a complete noob to it so from what i read andhear is that this would be a nice beginner board instead of goin with a DFI which would be a lil complex and i could screw things up real fast i was wonder what you guys thought and if you had any other suggestion let me know thanks
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