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  1. lol and thats a cheap amp too, 2nd cheapest tube amp out there for headphones methinks expensive amps are in excess of $1-2k
  2. I just ordered some new headphones and an amp: Grado SR-225 w/ 1/4"-1/8" Adapter - $210 Little Dot II+ Headphone Amp - $175 Have I gone crazy? or is this just the beginning?
  3. lol i have a friend who if you give him a 10gb drive for his computer and take the rest, he'll survive just fine on it, but the next day if you give him a 200gb, he'll have it COMPLETELY filled within a week. oh btw i have 60+160 in my desktop and 80 in my laptop = 300
  4. I wish i had the space for their real speakers! Im sure those put the promedias to shame
  5. I just got the Klipsch Promedia 2.1's to replace my Logitech z-5300 5.1's for something smaller to go with me to tech training after basic training this fall. I must say they sound absolutely wonderful! the highs are so crisp and the lows are so tight! And best of all, I can actually turn the bass down without using the stupid equalizer, unlike the logitechs which are boomy even at minimum sub volume :/ Definitely worth the money! Everybody should get them!
  6. hmm... well as you can see in my siggy yes I am slightly overclocked... maybe I will go for a new PSU, but I'd like to try to stick with this one as long as possible since I just got it, plus I go to AF BMT in 3 months so taht will be 50 days with no computer anyways.
  7. its been a while since i had it clocked that high, ill try to remember last winter i think it was at either 1.425 or 1.45v, and it was prime95 stable for at least an hour lol, i got bored with waiting after that
  8. @ caffeinejunkie: hmm... i just bought that liberty 1 month ago... rofl @ hndgns4hrts: yea ive thought about getting a raptor, just for faster bootup and game loads, and as it says in my sig, I hvae logitech z-5300e speakers and sennheiser hd515 headphones @ QueenzPCfreak90: I have a Thermalright XP-120 w/ some generic 120mm fan
  9. OC'd stable to 2.6, never tried to go higher. Can include original box & cooler if requested. ADA3200DAA4BW LBBWE 0528GPGW Q380456G52231 Asking $50 Shipped
  10. OK I have purchased a couple updates: AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+ 2x1GB OCZ Gold PC4000 NOW whats next?
  11. well i tried for about 5 minutes straight hitting alt+tab and windows key etc... the whql panel never popped up :/
  12. I got my new x1900xtx a few days ago and the first thing I did was go and download the latest Omega drivers... but they just hang during the install and I have waited for hours just to make sure they weren't just really slow to install... am I missing something?
  13. EDITED BY ME: nevermind this post.
  14. I bought this 7800GT back in September 2005, I haven't touched it at all other than to slide it into the PCI-E slot, and to dust it off. It has only been mildly overclocked for only enough time to run benchmarks. It comes in the original box with all of the accessories (assuming i can find all of the accessories if i can't find something I will inform you before I take the money) I am going to ask $200 shipped. Also I will accept a 74GB 16mb cache Raptor as trade. PM me or Xfire me @ Iceroid7 or email me iceroid7.AT.gmail.com
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