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  1. Newegg sent me broken cables with my mobo last time I ordered from there...
  2. Personally I'd rather listen to Volcom talk about blowing himself up than listen to your liberal BS. Think of it like this: in Israel if you even want to leave your house you're putting yourself in danger because there are so many suicide bombings. In the first place, Israel started as a small country after Palestine was split into Jordan, Palestine (Arab), and Israel. Palestine attacked ISrael and lost all of their land. Personally I don't want to liste nto Palestinians complain that Israel needs to give them land after the only reason they have no land is because they were stupid enough to try to conquer more land from Israel. Maybe they should have been careful in the first place and not gotten their land taken. When you lecture us about peace and no violence why did the Palestinians try to conquer Israel in the first place? Maybe you should go get your facts straight and not make yourself look stupid while dissing someone.
  3. Aww I doubt I can come oh well . Yeah I never actually thought you were gonna have a LAN party though. So you actually have 250 people to go to it that seems like a lot?
  4. Hmm...This is really weird...I get on after 2 months of being off and then everything seems wrong...Then I see the topic and thought you may have already sold it. Yeah that is weird though bosco seemed to have liked OCCC. But I had preferred it when the two sites were merged.
  5. Umm...Exactly why would communism fade with Iraq. Communism is the extremist left wing while Iraq is an extremist right wing dictatorship. So how is communism going to fade? Yeah but I think France needs to shut up because I don't see why they need to racist and anti-US when they were partially saved b ythe US in WWII. Bascially there are too many stupid countries. Maybe "IRAQQ" will "NUK" France .
  6. True I forgot to say that Israel also has been attacked. The one con of the war is that Israel (and I guess other US allies in the Middle East) have a good chance of coming under attack.
  7. Yeah matrax your grammar is HORRIBLE. But the poll is so unclear and I think the correct answer is no for all of us because he's asking if we agree with his "fact" that the US is attacking "IRAQQ" with no proof of a "NUK"? But Iraq has had it coming through sponsoring terrorism, brainwashing and terrorizing innocent Middle Eastern countries such as Kuwait. Not to mention it has been proven many times over that Iraq has chemical, biological, and will possibly have nuclear capabilities soon. Sadam Hussein's reign of terror has existed for too long and the US is finally preparing to bring it down.
  8. Most of the music today sucks it got bad after the early 90s (Not to say the 80s were good).
  9. Yeah a 90 watt PSU would maybe be for a P1 or something, but I doubt anywhere would sell one.
  10. LOL maybe the NV34 can be even louder? Seriously would you use a computer that sounds like that?
  11. Well yeah Bawls pwns but for my consistent caffeine intake Code REd is my drink of coice. I'm drinking one right now at past midnight and I'm twitching .
  12. Oh good yeah a laptop screen will help you keep in the weight limit. One problem is though that they don't have the best quality unless it's a good screen.
  13. You can simply remove that fan if you run the 120mm over it and have it ducted.
  14. AC2 is really cool. I know you can activate Windows by phone, but you see I can't connect to the MS servers for online, and the exact same problem occurs with AC2 so I'd rather get both in one try.
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