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  1. Looks like a nice program. Too bad I don't have a A64 chip to try it on...
  2. May have found my problem...let me know if you guys think it could be it. I recently bought the Gainward 5900 128MB Vid card for this system which i flashed to 5950. In about every 5-10 restarts my computer won't come on and error code by the motherboard says video card. I tried the card on another system and it does the same thing (every 5-10 restarts). Would this card be the reasons why my OC is going so well? Note: I flashed the card back to it's normal state and it does the same thing in every 5-10 restarts (only occurs though when I plug the card into the power supply). If I don't plug it into the power supply it runs fine. Power supplies used ranged from 300w - 550w. So I doubt it's the powersupply. UPDATE: I ordered the leadtek 5900 card in hopes that it will solve my new video card problem on certain reboots, and I've been able to OC the computer a little more but have hit another barrier at 11 x 194 (xp3000+). update: 2/28/03 - Leadtek card came in...I no longer have that "No video card" problem on reboots (or not yet anyways). Computer is finally stable at 3200+ (11 x 200); however, it's getting 1.85v. According to cpu-z, it says the cpu voltage is at 1.61v. I checked SisSandra and I guess my board regulates the voltage to the cpu b/c it says my aux voltage is at 1.85v and the cpu voltage is at 1.61v which is what cpu-z states. Maxed out the voltage to the memory at 2.9v. idle temps are: 38C under load: 43C. How much more do you think I can push this? ...or should I push it? <_< loTek
  3. What's the difference between the EP-8RDA3+ and the one I have (EP-8RDA3I series)? I guess I'll start by returning the ram and ordering something else. Any suggestions? I would like to have 1GB (2 x 512MB to run in dual channel) for under 200$.
  4. tried disconnecting the fans but still no change in the read out from cpu-z.
  5. I guess I'll try re-installing the OS at the higher clock speed and see what happen - hopefully that works. As for the memory, yeah I can take it back. I bought it this week on sale at Best Buy (a little less than 100$ a stick which I didn't think was too bad for HyperX esp PC4000). I am open to more suggestions. I really want to get to 3200+ stable before trying to push this further. If you think I should take back the memory chips, let me know and what should I buy instead (I guess budget would be 200$ seeing that's what I spent on these...but if there's something that's cheaper and better please let me know, but I def. need a total of 1GB total). If you believe it's the board, I guess I'm open to suggestions on that as well. I spent about 70$ for the board ( I can't return it b/c it's past my return period), but I guess I can always sell it on ebay or something (hopefully getting what I paid for it)....to put towards the new board. So I guess to sum things up, if I should return the ram and sell the board, what should I get instead (haha). Budget would be a total of $270 (combo of what I paid for both ram and board, but def. need 1GB of memory to run in dual channel because I run a lot of engineering programs at the same time. Thanks again for your help loTek
  6. I'm starting to lean towards the motherboard as well. I ran my memory through Memtest86 with different voltages and at different speeds and it didn't report back any errors. I even tested it at 3200+ speeds and it past the memtest; however, when I start windows it blue screens. I recently purchased this board as an upgrade to my other epox (8k3a) hoping to overclock this chip to 3200+ and then see how much further I could take it w/ the PC4000 ram. I guess I'll start looking into getting yet another motherboard (and sell this one on fleabay - i mean ebay if anything). If anyone can think of anything else I can do, or would like to suggest a board for me to look into it would be greatly appreciated. loTek PS> the current settings that are stable on this chip is 11 x 185 w/ timings of 3-4-4-8 (i read on the kingston website that these are the timings I am suppose to use for this chip - even though the board detects it as 3-3-3-8.). Also, vcore is at 1.775, but when I run cpu-z it says 1.61v (not sure why, but I know it's at 1.775 because my temps went up as well.) idle: 42C load: 47C
  7. I don't think I can do that because the chip is multi-locked (week 51)
  8. Thanks for all the replies. This is really driving me nuts. Ok let's see..I've been using MBM5 (that's where I'm getting my temps from). I started from scratch again (stock everything). So my steps are as follows: 1. Original setup - 11 x 166 = xp2500+ 2. Default voltage on everything 3. Idle temps: 32C Full Load: 35C 4. Bumped up FSB using stock voltage until windows wouldn't load 5. Problems at 11 x 175 (so upped voltage) - now until stable (1.75). 6. Ran 3dmark03, pcmark04, 3dmark2001, sisandra, prime95 (stable). Then did some random application loading and crashed. Current temps at 1.75 (idle: 40 / load: 42). I want to push the system further, but I can't even get it stable at 2600+ (1929mhz). Should I press on? Is there something else I can do? According to CPU-Z: The memory is running at 5:6 , timmings are 3-3-3-9 if that helps. As for the board, I always thought EPOX was really good for overclocking (this is my second board, an upgrade from the 8k3a model) Any help would be appreciated. Let me know if there is any other info you need? loTek
  9. As the title says, I recently got a Barton 2500+. I wanted to get it to 3200+ and then see how much further I could push it afterwards. I had a single chip of Samsung 512 PC2700, but I couldn't get anywhere near 3200+; therefore, I decided to upgrade. I went out and bought 2 x 512 Kingston HyperX PC4000 (figured why not - gave me an excuse to buy something..haha). Anyways, I still can't get the chip to stay stable at 3200+. My inital temps at stock vcore were 30C. I bumped the vcore all the way up to 1.9v and now my temps are at 48C idle. . Did I just happen to get a chip that won't get to 3200+ or is there something else I need to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Computer specs are in profile. loTek
  10. I believe the board allows me to lock the agp / pci frequencies. I'll check the bios once I restart later If I am able to hit the 3200+ mark on my memory, I'm going to guess that I'll hit a wall soon after if I try to OC it further, right? I guess I will see once the chip comes in. Currently I have a Volcano 7+ - will this be good enough to support the new chip?
  11. Ok I know this topic has probably been exhausted but I am looking for some input nonetheless. I've been itching to upgrade my current system - so I ordered a 2500+ retail (hasn't come yet but more than likely it'll be locked). I'll be using it on my Epox EP-83DA3. I currently have 512MB (single stick) of Samsung PC2700 memory. If I was to overclock the 2500+, would I be able to get it up to 3200+ like everyone else? ...or would I need faster ram (pc3200, etc..)? If I'm going to need faster ram, which do you recommend (Brand/Type)? What's a good price? Also if I end up buying new memory, I've heard so much about dual channel, is it really worth it? I'd like to have a total of 1GB in total because I run a lot of engineering programs on my system as well. Thanks. loTek
  12. That sucks, but when you RMA a card and they repair it - I've heard all they do is reflash the card. I was just curious if anyone knew how to do this. Do I just stick in a PCI Graphics card and try and flash from there?
  13. I have a card that is having problems (Geforce4 Ti4400). When it is installed in the AGP slot and the computer starts up, there are a bunch of blocks in it. Would flashing it correct the problem? Also, how would I do that? Thanks Lotek
  14. Thanks for the link. I updated the nvidia nforce2 drivers and now it reads AGP 4x and not 8x. I had a feeling it was because of the flash i had done earlier 5900 to 5950 - so I reflashed back to the 5900 (Gainward 128MB) and it read it at 8x. I tried the flash again and it went back to 4x. What's the deal? I used nuclear's 5950 flash kit.
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