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  1. I've wanted to build a custom case for a while now. I've done some model building and I've learned a few things (like my model-building skills are weak, weak, weak....) So instead of carpentry, I want to try something a little less easily screwed up. Something along the lines of a grown-up erector set.... Can anybody recommend any sort of commercial product I can use to accurately build a 16" cube box? I read a mention once of somebody using parts from a modular closet system set, but I haven't been able to get more info. I would even be willing to use wooden shelf system boxes, but I haven't been able to find anything in the right size. Has anybody got any suggestions at all?? Thanks, R.
  2. At least it looked better than the one-eyed kitten whose pictures were making the rounds on the internet last year.
  3. Folks, This may have been addressed here already, I'm but going to do it anyway... Is there a way to connect two independent displays to a single video connector (VGA or DVI)?? I could swear that in the past, I've seen adaptors that connected two VGA monitors to a single DVI, but now I can't find anything like that. I CAN find an adaptor that splits a single DVI into a VGA AND a DVI, but I get the distinct impression that the two displays must be exactly the same. I'm trying to help a work-at-home programmer set up a laptop with three displays (two external monitors plus the built-in). He needs to use a laptop, because at times it's necessary to travel to the customer's location and actually install software. Is there any way to do this with the hardware already built into a high-end laptop model, or do I need one of those excruciatingly cool USB monitor gizmos like EVGA sells?? Thanks in advance for any assistance!! R.
  4. Computer: Yes, absolutely. I especially like the 45 nm quad core processor. As far as the fans: http://search.xoxide.com/?query=yate+loon&...amp;x=0&y=0
  5. I've heard very good things about Yate Loon fans. They're very quiet and all that. If you're going to be OC-ing, you may find yourself cranking the airflow from time to time and being able to hear yourself think is always a good thing.... Just sayin'... R.
  6. I've painted 3 or 4 different face plates, but I've always used black DupliColor Vinyl Dye. Vinyl dye is expressly formulated for painting plastic and a few other porous materials (like cloth). It's very easy to apply, very forgiving. It goes on really thin (helps avoid the runs) and the color is very strong -- it goes on so thin that any labels stamped into the plastic will be clearly visible even after you've painted. Do you have reason for preferring the Krylon? If you've used it before, definitely stay with what you're comfortable with, but if you haven't used either, take a look at DupliColor's VERY educational web site (www.duplicolor.com) and watch some of their training videos. It might not change your mind, but any learnin' is good learnin'. I don't believe either choice is wrong, and I've certainly heard of the Krylon paint. Just tossing out my $0.02. R.
  7. I just finished doing some painting on my case (a Lian Li clone). I used automotive wet/dry sand paper and DupliColor spray enamel. I got both from Pep Boys. Then I screwed up several attempts to paint my 3.5" and hard drive bays. Then I went to www.duplicolor.com and learned the right way to do it from their training videos. If you haven't painted metal before, I highly recommend it. If you are painting metal, I recommend three different paints: primer, color, and clear. I just think it looks better with the clear than without. Also, although I got spray enamel, I think spray lacquer would have been the better choice (more forgiving). Both types will produce excellent results if used correctly, though. If you're painting plastic, you'll need something different -- Vinyl Dye. I painted a drive bay bezel with it. It's very nice stuff, goes on very thin so there's no runs, and the color adheres very well. My case had a brushed aluminum finish so I wasn't very interested in a glass-smooth, show-quality paint job. If you are, the whole key to it is surface prep. Be patient, and sand, sand, sand. You'll need to sand before and between every coat, but I don't know the recommended grit levels for sanding the paint surface. You should probably make it a point to speak with somebody knowledgeable at a paint shop before you drive yourself crazy. One final thing: I'm very happy with my paint job, especially considering its first-time, DIY nature, but I wish I had been more patient about putting everything back together after painting. I might not have taken out the big chuck with the screwdriver if I'd given the paint a little time to cure. (I say big chuck, of course, because I know exactly where to look. I assume you'll feel the same way about your work...) Good luck with it and be sure to post a picture or two!! R.
  8. Don't know how I missed that trick... Thanks.
  9. I know they exist - Dell sells them. There's even one on my desk... But I can't find one for sale... Can anybody post a link to a keyboard with a built-in USB hub?? I can't find anything. Thanks, R.
  10. This was in the news today and it just strikes me as really cool!! Talk about a thousand different uses -- stuff is going to be invented just to take advantage of this...
  11. Here's some noteworthy news: http://www.vnunet.com/vnunet/news/2208848/nvidia-buys-ageia The headline says: Nvidia snaps up PhysX with Ageia buy Does this change things for the better???
  12. Pictures to be forthcoming this weekend. I might even make a new gallery entry, if I think I can withstand the abuse...
  13. Road-Runner, Attempting to de-hijack this thread, is that a Danger Den case??
  14. I hate to say it, especially here, but if you want cost efficient, get a Dell. I know that's heresy, but they sell just about everything (granted, crap and ugly) and their support is pretty good too. At least, where I work.
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