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  1. i vote dual optys or a nice fx60
  2. if it gets stuck on the apple logo and just wont boot even after u reboot (hold on, hold off, hold Menu and the middle button), then u can get it to boot into a special mode (hold on, hold off, hold play/pause and middle) that will let u plug it into ur pc to reformat it.
  3. heres the deal- did you scratch teh mirror finish on the cpu or heatsink at ALL when removing the thermal paste? if not, then ur ok. get some arctic silver 5 and apply it with the instrucions on their site. that should fix the problems. a cpu with no thermal compound will go up in smoke. remember, when u put on compound, less is better, but you want a nice even coverage.
  4. alright guys, obsolete_power has the guide, i dont. ill get him to post it here in a bit.
  5. glad to hear you like it, maybe write a review ? well now all is left to do is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE with it, lol/
  6. samsung syncmaster 930 bf. 19", 4ms response, 700:1 contrast ratio, what more could you want? i have it and its the nicest lcd ive ever used.
  7. some people call them AC, but its the same thing i was joking about the vapo chill lol. its hard enough to get it on ur cpu witout condensation.
  8. the best for graphics cooling (on order): -mod a vapo chill hit onto it -good watercooling -arctic cooling (get one they are nice)
  9. like the others said, dont worry, it should work perfectly. good luck!
  10. get the tsunami, or a nice quiet sonata 2. stay away from the fancy lit up PSUs with leds and stuff. get an enermax noisetaker 600w, stability and performance comes before looks. and no it doesnt look ugly. the wires come sleeved. and welcome to OCC
  11. you want a clean, professional look right? well get either a hole saw, a hole punch or a dremel (whatever you want), and make a nice clean cut. take your time. then get some files and do all the rough work with them. get some emery cloth sandpaper and finish it off. thats the best way to get uber pro results. i dont like rubber molding cuz it doesnt look that good IMO.
  12. good, i think im gonna get one of these babies and mod the case they sit in cuz it doesnt match my oldschool performance II case.... but good value for the price
  13. im just wondering... what would the maintainance be for this? (or any other phase change setup for that matter)
  14. aaah, nm then. well for only 150, your best bet is to get a 17" no name, or a 2nd hand if you like to gamble.
  15. xOMG IT WAS BOSCOS B-DAY AND I DIDNT KNOE, IM SO SRY! Happy delayed B-day!
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