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  1. Heya peepz, I'm running an ECS P4S5A mobo wit a P4 1.8 x86 family 15 model 1 stepping two chipset. I've got 2x 256MB Dimm SDRAM, Nvidia Geforce2 100/200 MX, 1x 40 GB Maxtor HDD, Samsung DVD, Accer 20x10x40 CD-R, Soundblaster Live 5.1and just the other basics.........ie modem, keyboard, LG monitor, etc. I was wondering how on earth......if there is a way on earth to overclock this machine. I know there's some way through the bios but in the bios's actual setup there's only two options available. One is something to do wit frequency from 100/100 - 133/100.......and another setting has a multiple thing saying H/W Twang........but can be changed to x10 x 12 x 13 x14 all the way up to 24....... Now.....erms thats all the details I think you need.......where do I start?
  2. Heylo Peoples, I was just wondering how I'd go about updating my Bios. My comps running (so it says from Sisoft Sandra's Professional 2002) American Megatrends version 7.0 and the date of it is over a year old. I was wondering how to upgrade it if it's possible...... and also how do I go about unlocking everyhting and everything on a Pentium 4 1.8 x86 Family 15 Model 1 Stepping 2. I've got a ECS P2S5A motherboard version 1.0. Thanks for yah time and hope you guys can help.
  3. Thanks Anyway Guys....... Guess I got a new job on my hands to deal with. Can't be that hard!! Thanks again and I'll let yah know how I get along
  4. Hi Peoples, I'm just a newbie at case modding but I was hoping to start off with a sliding motherboard tray but have no clue where to start. I've seen many cases with it but not quiet sure how to do it. Any Ideas? My motherboard's pot rivetted into the case but I'm sure with the help of a hammer and screw driver that could be easily changed. Thanks for yah time fellas and hope to hear from ya'll soon.
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