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  1. If you do, you should definately check out the zombie army. Its an online comunity that is out to promote the upcoming Romero flick, Land of the Dead. This is not all you do, however. There are also forums where you can interact with other Zombie afficianados, or, if you're new to the world of zombie films, just check out what kind of weirdos do this stuff. Check it out, even if you're just mildy into zombie movies. Click here to Join the Army Click here to just to visit PS, if after visiting, you decide to join, please use the link in this message, I do get credit after all
  2. DavidJL

    Do You Like Zombie Movies?

    Shaun of the dead was awesome. My favorite of all time is the original Dawn. Day was also very badass. The remake of Dawn was pretty good, but no classic. I just know that Land is gonna be sweet, I can't wait. Just one more week!
  3. DavidJL

    Do You Like Zombie Movies?

    awesome, what's your fave zombie movie?
  4. DavidJL

    Overclocking An X800 Pro

    I have an x800 Pro and I can get mine up to 520/575 max. Mine is also flashed to an xt, so my "stock" speed is 500/500, I use this for my day to day tasks and playing games. I only use my max OC for benching. I used ati tool to find my max OC, is that what you're using? If you have half decent cooling, you should be able to reach my clocks, and possibly go further, it all depends on your card.
  5. DavidJL

    Overclocking Amd64 3400+

    It sounds like he has a ClawHammer and you have a New Castle.
  6. DavidJL

    Sapphire X800 Pro And 3.6pent

    I agree that ATI tool is great for OCing that vid card. BTW, is that card a VIVO? If so, I would flash it to an XT to open up those extra pipelines. I did it on my x800 pro and it has helped performance a lot.
  7. DavidJL

    Ya Know Ur A Real Ocer When...

    When you every muscle in your body is tense until your computer gets past the POST screen. When you stay up till 4:30 in the morning reading threads like this
  8. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    Apperently, the gamem8ker is posting pics in different forums where people are discussing the challenges.
  9. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    as much as i would love to take the credit, someone over at the teamxbox forums figured it out. the invitation was pictured on some news website and when reading it, the guy thought it looked about the same size as the word search. He decided to take a shot, and it ended up working.
  10. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    We get points for people signing up and also for people submitting puzzles. Secondly, I don't think we need to make this thread secret. The thread I've been "snooping" on is a collection of people from many different forums, and it turns out they didn't even answer it, another forum did! Besides, its kinda fun to see the crazy theories that people come up with, and no matter how much you tell them that something is just a distraction, they insist on pursuing it. Anyways, the answer is 96877353. I'm not bothering with the spoiler text cuz I really don't think it's relevant at this point. It's been nearly 3 days and I think everyone is ready to move on. The answer was found by overlaying a MS E3 invitation over the "word search". It revealed C-A-L-L-Y-O-U-R-S-E-L-F. 96877353 is "yourself" spelled out on the phone.
  11. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    Out of game means that those websites aren't involved with ourcolony, much how humanclock was irrelevant in the first clue. They are just there to throw you off. And the calendar is a 2004 - 2005. Not just 2004. It's not a "normal" calendar, it's a special baseball calendar which they handed out at one of the games. And lastly, the red/orange tag on the monitor is illegible. To me, it looks like the whole scene is just set up, not a real work space. There is no work on the desk, the monitor isn't on, the desk is way too cluttered with toys and junk. It just looks to me that there is no way that that is really someone's work space. I've seen some cluttered cubicles, but there's usually signs of actual work there somewhere. This is just my two cents, maybe it's part of the "truth".
  12. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    Seeing as how we aren't really discussing anything about the puzzle here, I did some snooping in other forums. And after reading through 40+ pages in a single thread dedicated to the newest challenge, The following things have been summarized: kristenrutherford.com - Out of Game obeygiant.com - Out of Game etoys.com - Out of Game ilovebees.com - Out of Game - Yes it looked exactly like that before princessyumyum.com - Out of Game The calendar is the april 2004 - april 2005 white sox calendar, the other basball memorbilia is from the 2003 all star game. There have been some blatent photoshopping on the image including: The word search the paperscrap with kristenrutherford.com the bottle's label the area behind the flowers the calendar bottom possibly the etoys sticker The computer is a dell optiplex, no exact model number found. The monitor has some reflections in it that are too blurry to make anything good out of. The toys on the desk: Battleship Yamato from Starblazers An unknown spacefighter Booberry from the cereal of the same name The Grinch An unknown elf (maybe a person) Voltron Darth Vader Mug Toys On the monitor: Charlie the Tuna from Sunkist tuna The Salacious Crumb from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi The boxing monkey from some old internet banner ad Bibendum (aka The Michelin Man) The wordsearch has alot of words in it, most interesting one being gamefind. It also has the word TEMCO in it. TEMCO is not a game company, TECMO is. Thats all i can think of for now. Also, the name of the file is ch1900222589, which looks very similar to a phone number. Backwards, it IS a phone number (985)222-0091, but don't went your panties just yet, its been called severl times and plenty of messages have been left on it's voicemail. The security code has since been changed, and sadly I think some poor person in Louisiana has had a flood of calls from a bunch of bored geeks with nothing better to do.....this is not an insult to anyone, I myself am a bored geek. Just for the record, I never called the number.
  13. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    Cool, whats your challenge?
  14. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    Where did you get that picture? When I log on to the site it still has the same picture as before.
  15. DavidJL

    People That Know Nothing Of Computers...

    As I began reading this thread, I thought to myself "Yeah, people who don't know computer stuff really are annoying." But then, as I kept reading on, I realized something. There was a time when I myself thought the tower was a CPU, and I too didn't know the difference between HDD and memory. What my point is, is that not everyone in this world is knowledgable about computers, and maybe we shouldn't hold it against them. Now, I'm not saying that people who think they know everything aren't annoying, I'm just saying that we were all there at one time or another, and we eventually learned. So maybe instead of making fun of these people, or laughing at them behind their backs, maybe we should set them straight so they will really know what they're talking about.
  16. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    New Riddle: XYXXXY And the answer: Izuna Drop ^^^^ That wasn't very hard, I just used Squarepi's method. Except I didn't use google, I can't stand google
  17. DavidJL

    Want To Be Puzzled?

    OK, I admit, I was curious, and I joined. But I'm missing one small detail..... What's the POINT of all this?
  18. DavidJL

    Do You Beleive In Ghosts?

    To everyone who has said they will believe when they see, ask yourself this.... do you believe that a million dollars exists, or 100 million? Have yo ever SEEN a million, or 100 million dollars, chances are no. Just my two cents.
  19. DavidJL

    Squirrel Eating a PB & J Sammich

    I was at the zoo last week, and even with all the cool and exotic animals, this has got to be the coolest thing I saw. So naturally, I just had to take a picture!
  20. DavidJL

    Car Amp

    I have a Rockford Fosgate 900W amp, and 2 10' sony subs. Neither the subs nor the amp are the best, but they are very good. The amp is awesome and it cost about $200 if I remember correctly. As for the subs, I would get Fosgate subs also, but I couldn't afford them at the time I was getting my stuff. If you really have some spare change, get Alpine subs. As far as installation goes, unless you know how to, don't do it. And based on the fact that you are asking if it's hard, I'm assuming you don't know how. Besides, most places(car audio places at least) do the installation for free when you're buying that much stuff. Hope this helps.
  21. Ok, here's the deal. I took off the stock cooler so I could put on the Logisys All COpper VGA cooler. I noticed that the part of the cooler that actually comes in contact with the chip might have been a little obstructed by the shim on the card. I also read this on one of the reviews for the cooler. So, I took my razor blade out, and very carefully began to remove the shim. Now, as careful as I was, I slipped a little when the razor broke through the rubbery glue stuff that holds on the shim, and I hit those little brown square things around the core. I knocked one or two of them off. Now, I don't know what those things are or why they're there, but I'm sure they're pretty important. My system still booted up and everything, and the temps on my card are great, but does anyone know if I did any real damage to the card? I haven't tried any games or benchmarks yet, I'm a little afraid(of what I might have done to the card, "Ignorance is bliss"). I'd greatly appreciate anyone's input on this matter.
  22. DavidJL

    Did I Kill My X800?

    Hmm, now that you mention it, maybe it was just some dust or something that fell off my shirt
  23. DavidJL

    Did I Kill My X800?

    Well, it OCs just as good if not better than before, and it also benches the same, and the temps are great. The only thing left to do is to actually play a game. That will have to wait though. Sadly I have 2 midterms I must study for, and I can't spend my time playin games, as much as I would love to. I guess wayway's right, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  24. DavidJL

    Did I Kill My X800?

    The only problem with that is I have no idea where they went. They are so small and when they broke off, I didn't see where they went. Besides, I don't solder. Also, Everything seems to work, I've benched it a few times using 3dmark05 and 03 and I still get the same scores I used to, and I don't see anything out of the ordinary. What risks am I taking by not puting them back on?
  25. DavidJL

    Xp-90 Question

    HAH, I laugh in the face of so called "warranties"!!! Live dangerously! Besides, isn't that what credit cards are for?