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  1. Digital Rebel XT with a Canon 28-105 3.5/4.5 lens. Didn't need my tripod in that light.
  2. You could build a leet rig for the cost of my camera equipment.
  3. Thanks guys. Don't know how I end up posting my work on an overclockers board, though!
  4. Took a walk 'round da hood today. Followed the bird with my lens 'till I saw something I liked. Here's one from a few days back, not related to the first two: Thanks.
  5. Never thought of putting my work on my old DevArt account. Thanks for reminding me. Right now, it's just full of old photoshop work from years back. http://www.gregorama.deviantart.com/
  6. Bought it not too long ago, so I only have one lens. Canon 28-105 3.5/4.5
  7. Photos taken with my Canon 350D (Digital Rebel XT) originally at 3456 x 2304. Slight photoshop work to a few of them.
  8. Nope. It does appear so, though.
  9. Sometimes I wish my 3500+ was a 3700+. I really would've liked having 1MB L2. Go with the sandy.
  10. Here are some pics I've taken over the past week or so: (wallpaper)
  11. Here's the full res version, compressed to 1MB: http://img530.imageshack.us/img530/7877/fullres1mb9ts.jpg
  12. Shot I took a couple of days ago: Taken with a Rebel XT and 28-105 lens.
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