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  1. I think i'm going to go with the stuff you suggested and just leave out the gpu coolers all together, i dont plan on oc'ing them at all for a bit. Is there any special fittings i need or anything like that? I mean for the radiator to use the 1/2" tubing and everything like that? this is what i have so far. Laing DDC w/ Petra'sTech DDCT-01s Top Combo $99.95 * Pump : Laing DDC-3.2 (18W) * Included Barbs : 1/2'' D-Tek High-Flow D-TEK FuZion Universal CPU Waterblock - 1/2" $64.99 120mm Yate Loon D12SH-12 Case Fan - Black (88 CFM, 40 dBA) x4 * Fan Screws : Black qty. 4 (+ 0.25) x4 $5.24 $20.96 Logisys 12" Dual Cold Cathode Kit - UV $4.99 7/16" ID (5/8" OD) Masterkleer General Purpose Clear PVC Tubing x15 $7.35 Stainless Steel Worm-Drive Hose Clamp (Wide Band) x25 $15.00 UV Reactive Pentosin G11 Coolant Additive (Blue) - 4oz. $4.50 I dont think it makes a difference but those are good barbs included with that pump arent they? also is there a reason to run 7/16" tubing instead of 1/2" on 1/2" fittings? that all came to around 218 without the radiator cuz it is out of stock there, so i have to go on a search for one.. so add another 160 probably. Around 378-380+shipping when it is all said and done i guess.
  2. what is better about those parts? ill probably negate the two gpu coolers at first anyways, i just want to get everything else so i can upgrade to those in the future.
  3. ok well i was lookin around for parts, lookin for some feedback on the ones i have found. Radiators: Danger Den Black Ice GT Stealth 360 X-Flow Danger Den Black Ice GTX Xtreme 360 Radiator CPU Block: Danger Den TDX 775 Copper GPU Blocks: Danger Den 8800GTX Black Polycarbonate Cooling Block Fans: 3 Yate Loon 120mm x 25mm Pump: Hydor SELTZ L 35 II
  4. Hi all, So i know u get this question a million times and are tired of hearing it but i have no idea what direction to go in right now. So "What parts will i need to get this system cooled?" I just finished ordering up the new parts for my next rig and got them all today and i want to watercool it for the simple fact that the video cards are extreme heat makers. New System Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe 2.4GHz LGA 775 ASUS Striker Extreme LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX 2x EVGA GeForce 8800GTX 768MB ENERMAX Galaxy EGX1000EWL 2x Crucial Ballistix Tracer 2GB (2 x 1GB) DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Kits Then just some hdds that i have had in raid 0, and some other stuff. But i have no idea what parts would be best for this system. i know i need a cpu block, and 2 gpu blocks, and i dont think i will need a chipset block (because the striker extreme has that whole heat pipe cooling system for that), then tubing (want to go with 1/2" to get the most flow), reservoir, radiator, pump, clamps and fittings, fluid, i want to get some temp probes and a reader also if u guys have any suggestions. All of that will be going into a Thermaltake Armor VA8000SWA chassis. (I would be willing to get a new case if it would be alot easier to get everything set up, which i think it would) Well that is all i can think of, i appreciate any help you are willing to offer. Thanks in advance!! Any questions about something just let me know.
  5. yeah that right there...not a good idea...
  6. yeah i was not worried that dfi wouldnt fix the problem, i dont plan on upgrading to the venice til about mid summer anyways, so it should be smooth upgrade by then
  7. i so want one of these...do u have the link to that review i have been waiting for today so i could see the reviews and see how good these things really are also i heard they dont like to work with some of the dfi boards so i wanted to see if that was worked out or not EDIT: here is the link to the review if anyone wants to read it venice review
  8. cbk04

    Cs:s Spray Help

    y dont u just change the name??? idk if u already thought of that didnt feel like readin all the above lol
  9. ic ic, well the [myg0t] boys have apparently already found a way around vac to and made a new hack prog to beat the system, gotta give it to em...they are good at what they do lol
  10. i have a pair of altec lansing AHS.502's love em and they work great, noise cancellation, and adjustable mic and speaker volume in a conveint (sp?) clip on, only problem is they hurt like a son of a lol, altec needs to work on that, they are good for a couple hours but then u will start tuggin at them to give ur ears a break
  11. damzor that sux...who is gonna get me outta trouble now when i get into it lol cuz it is inevitable that i get into it
  12. yep it is heavy, the base under the fan is a solid block of copper lol, yeah it had some weight, but oh well it is secured nicely to the mobo, if i hear a snap one day and then my computer dies i know what caused it
  13. that was the direction the original zdtv (techtv..before it was techtv and g4 was a pain in anyone's [email protected]) was heading, but corporate took over trying to get ratings and downhill it went
  14. what exactly does the vac system do, i know it weeds out cheaters and hackers but how does it go about doing it
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