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    amd 3200+
    512 ocz dual channel ram
    bfg 6800+ oc
    120 gb hd
    80 gb hd
    hp 620i dl dvd writer
  1. I just RMA through Crucial for the same exact ram. Just simply follow the instruction and call them, they will give you an RMA # and then you must send it off. You will get two options, cross ship or regular you mail first and then they send you one. They customer service was nice and friendly, hope you don't have any trouble.
  2. Thats pretty impressive for a single core. I just upgraded to a Dual Core 4400+ , I'm not seeing much of a difference. Oh well, maybe Quadcore is the way to go
  3. I dled the demo on the day it was released, so far from the only few cars selectable and one track playable, im not impressed. I loved Forza1 , but hopefully the Full version is alot better.
  4. I have two Core systems. (removed by moderator) all prices are negotiable and willing to take trades.
  5. Throw me some offers. Got money now. Thanks.
  6. I have 2x256 OCZ Dual Channel ram for trade/sale. I am interested in a set of DDR 200/266 for my old pc. Anyone have some to sell?
  7. This is the new friendly Army. I am now finishing my 6th year and probably will get out. You're friend really need to suck it up and drive on. It may suck, but you make it that way for yourself. The Army is what you make of it. Thats how I see it. Everyone . and complain, but thats only natural. I made the greatest friends while in the Army and I met the dumbest people while I was serving. I also got to see many things people probably won't ever see including being able to work on George W. Bush ranch in Crawford, TX. I really never heard of the easy way out. Like someone said, you made a committment, which you're stuck with you signed above the line. The only way I can see things is talking to your Chaplin, but thats not going to get you far unless you have serious trouble. Your friend here, is he new to the Army like say still around in AIT? If so he still doesn't have the feel for the Army yet. You won;t get a feel till maybe after you PCS from your first duty station. Your first duty station is always going to suck. And you can't blame the Army for that. Mine was Fort Hood, TX, god that place sucked. But I do miss TX. Anyways being very long. So good luck to your friend, maybe you can provide more info on his situation. Later buddy.
  8. You can get an AAM from pretty much anything all it requires is paperwork from your team leader/ supervisor . Then goes into your orderly room and waits for Commanders approval. Pretty nifty because you can get promo points from it. I am sitting at 1 COA, 2 AAM and 1 ARCOM. Like I said you can get it easily but its up to the Commander to approval, if you think you deserve something then you might wanna say something to whoever is in charge of you. I was stuck in 1st CAV, my unit sucked so it took me forever to get any awards. My Team chief put one in for almost every mission. Well good luck on getting one. CLS course isn't graded, its just a GO/NO-GO. Your brother most likely got his AAM from recruiting, that is an excellent deed in my book. On your form DA-FORM 638 will list all your good deeds. Well anyways gotta go ttyl.
  9. I seen those temps on a few cards. I'd still go with an aftermarket fan + apply some artic silver too, itll bring it down a few. Ive gone through 3 6800 GT the best temp I got on one if 42c Idle and 48c-51c Load.
  10. Well I just recently sent my mobo in for the 2nd time to MSI. They even called me and told me to troubleshoot this and that. They acted like I shouldn't even ask for RMA and even clearly stated next time I need to send it back to the vendor. stupid msi.
  11. should I change the timings to 2-2-2-5? cpu-z says its 2-2-2-8 I think. You think I can be able to pull 2-3-3-6?
  12. Upgraded my puter. I got these items on ebay if anyone wants before I sell them heres the price. prices compared to pricewatch.com Sapphire 9800 XT - 130$ - shipped SOLD AMD 3000+ w/ Gigabyte KNPRO 2 - 90$ - shipped SOLD or give me an offer.
  13. wow thanks! i just ordered one from there, can't wait till i get it, now I can throw out my 7800 gtx. wo0t
  14. yea I just started last week, username: thavarin. I love the sword action, sweet game made by korea.
  15. its MINE!!! once he emails me back soon with his paypal account.
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