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  1. well, pretty soon school will start and i'll want it for basicly listening needs. I don't need a voice recorder or a FM recorder. I want to fit as much as possible on it, so i want at least a 40 gb, the Zen Touch does have a 40 gb and the Nomad Zen has 60 gb and the nomad is about 40 dollars cheaper but it doesn't have enough features like a touch wheel. (it has a jog dial) and thats about $290 off of bizrate/pircewatch. So i'll need up getting that. I'm also cheaking the ipod photo w/ education disccount, see if i can afford the 60 gb, (not likly) thanks for your help and i'll tell you guys all about it.

    ~Ham Cake

  2. Well i'm been saving up for a mp3 player and i'm having a little doubts if 20 gb will be big enough for all my music and some files (kool programs let you use it as a HD) so if anyone has anything to say about it i would surely love the help

    Ham Cake,


    PS mods if this doesn't belong here move it, ty in advance

  3. Well i have a crappy 2350, not made rly for gaming, thus the PCI slot, so i'm not rly into spending money on it, i have a gerneric sound card, and a MX rosewill vid card, i'm a cheap-o, so this is the task, find me the cheapest 512 ddr dimm 184 pin, try to stay to a decent site, (new egg, and all that other crap) may the force be with you, well at least the ones that look.

  4. Ok, I'm trying to get a decent Video card for PCI (not PCI express) my brother, I have a crap Rosewill MX 4000, so if you guys recomend a better card, I may start saving up. I'm not really a noob, but I thought the FX series was good so I don't know.


    We both have the Same Systems, just he has intregrated graphics

    256 ram

    1.8 celeron

    ....thats about it.

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