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  1. I could have sworn i saw someone post about a x850gt, but idk bcuz i googled the card, every site was forgien, or if i search "x850 gt" i would only get the known x850 cards. So am i just talking out of my butt or what? I heard that it was better than the 6600gt and cheaper. But idk, and if it is a card, when is the "release"date. Thanks a bunch



  2. it's off anger management

    "sir im going to have to ask you to retard your anger"


    "it's retarded im retarded"



    lol, that was a good scence, but it that really what they called it? Too bad that wasn't a funny/cool as Billy Madison.


    Beside the point, give me the scope for ATI's mobo chipsets in lamest terms.

  3. Psssst....

    they are using Mac's and the Mac versions of ATI cards....


    good thing they are focusing on that market  :P




    What about Macs? lol, I would totally game on the G5 Mac my parents just bought. Too bad Blizzard is the only company that makes "good" games for it. Any other companies that make good games for the OS X? I don't really know of any at the moment. O well, i guess windows is just as good..... :unsure: O ya, I'm a Nvidia kind of guy just because they have better mobo chipsets(i'm pretty sure they do, haven't heard of anyone brag about their DFI ati chipset mobo) but the ATI x850GT (i think thats the name) looks pretty nice compared to the 6600GT i'm thinking about getting. None the less, ati and nvidia will "dook" it out w/ the new SLI/CrossFire cards they have/working on.


    my $.03


    And eldiablo10 have you tried a ATI card?


    PS. I think we pretty much got the idea that you like Nvidia over ATI :P

  4. yeah i dont call 4 screws hard at all :lol:



    Its that easy? um, i thought they all the wires to the mobo and its all confusing and crap. ok i'll go w/ the rosewill idea, i found one w/ a PS and i'll take that out. and put in the suggested one. thanks a bunch. o ya, i'll have about $140 every month now, so my "ghetto" rig will be here soon. BTW, should i order piece by piece or all together?

  5. Thanks guys, I've just never put in a power suppy before and I'm a little..... nervous about putting in the "heart". I have about a $100 budget for the case and the PS. Like I said before, I don't need anything flashy at all and would like to buy at new egg. ANY brands that I should stay away from or good brands I should look in to(besides the ones listed already). Or if you guys already know what I can get for 100 bucks give me the link. Oh ya, if anyone knows where i can get an old Apple G3 or a G4 case, that would be pretty sweet and I wouldn't mind spending more money for that. But I just took a look at my parents old G3 and the power suppy looked small, so I don't know if "PC" parts would even fit inside. But you know, whatever, and hit me up with so good links guys.

  6. Thats about it. Need a decent case w/ a PS, need a link, would like to buy through new egg. Need to run a 6600GT APG8x, 1gb ram, eVGA Nf3 250gb, and a 80gb hardrive. And a Sempron 3000+ skt 754. I found a couple but idk. Doesn't need to be flashy but I don't really want white/beige.


    PS. I'm not going to overclock at all.

  7. Ok i want a gaming rigg and this is what i pick out. I'm on a very small budget as you can see and I won't be overclocking at or little at all. I don't mind at all having a stock power supply plus it had good reviews on newegg.com(how reliable though?) And semi-generic parts are fine w/ me. Already got a hard drive and optic drives and i have a 5.1 sound card. Speakers/Keyboard/mouse already have.


    Atrix Case w/ 400wat powersuppy



    eVGA mobo Nforce3 ultra



    eVGA vid card 6600GT 128mb Gddr3 AGP 4x/8x



    pqi 1gb 184-pin PC3200 DDR400



    AMD Sempron 3000+Palermo 800mhz FSB Skt754


  8. O no way, I might get a glossy spray paint and do that b4 i shove everything in. But that would be the must of it. Anything. the DFI mobo supports a Athlon 64, the processor I want to get is a sempron? is it it the same thing. O ya, my mom just order 2 G5 makes w/ 3 gigs of ram. I'll tell you guys when we get em. Man, that would be cool it have a PC inside a Mac case. :rolleyes:

  9. Alright I have it. Its decent and i'll be able to keep up w/ my friends that play WoW, CS:S, and AA:SF, and when we all get BF-2. IF it looks like something may not work or may not fit just reply it.


    Patriot Signature Series 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual Channel Kit System Memory



    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-A 500W Power Supply



    Silver Steel MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case Peak Power- 350W, Max Power- 250W Power Supply(I'll take out PSU)



    Update DFI LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce3 250 ATX AMD Motherboard -



    eVGA 128-A8-N350 Geforce 6600GT 128MB GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X Video Card



    AMD Sempron 3000+ Palermo 800MHz FSB Socket 754 Processor Model SDA3000BABOX - Retail http://www.newegg.com/product/product.asp?...N82E16819104222


    What you guys think? I went w/ the 754 bcuz I think its cheaper and i wanted the DFI mobo just bcuz of the good things i have hear about it. Tell me if there is anything better for the same ammount of money and just set it like how i did. I don't think there is though all that for $561.99. The tax is shipping is about $70 bucks. What it have been cheaper if I bought a bare bones system?>

  10. Hey Ham, why are you posting the same question over and over again in different parts of the forum?, I already recommended an Nforce3 board with a 754 sempron on your original post day before yesterday.

      For everyones information he currently has an old Dell with a 30gb hard drive which could be a good donor for optical drives etc and maybe will release a bit more cash, problem is if you read his (many) posts in the other sections, you'll find he doesn't really feel confident building it himself. Oh and a 6600gt eats BF2 no sweat and is still best card for the financially challenged.




    lol, i sorta am, i should have done more research b4 posting the other one, plus i wanted any man's opinion, no offense, but i think i have figured it out, Now I just need to save money and buy it as soon as i can. And i have also got rid of the Barebone idea, bcuz its cheaper to build it myself, i didn't think it was but a lot of ppl helped. Team effort, lol. Plus I don't know too much about computers in General, i know little pieces and stuff. LIke i didn't know that bundled PSU suck that come w/ cases. I wouldn't have not known any better.

  11. Less then one minute got a couple cases under 30 bucks that dont look so...gay(no offense to anyone :lol: ) just to get you started...








    Those are some wicked cases, but everything i am ordering is on newegg.com, and idk about going out of my way to try a new site, i have never heard of, plz no user reviews.

  12. Socket 754:


    DFI LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail


    $92 (could go with less, but i like the best...)


    CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual Channel Kit System Memory - Retail




    eVGA 128-A8-N350 Video Card - Retail (6600GT)




    AMD Sempron 3000+ 800MHz FSB Socket 754 Processor - Retail




    Case your choice..mine was under $60


    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-A 500W Power Supply - Retail

    PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104934


    about $567 for that you could look at adding a nice 80GB HDD to give a performance boost with that

    Socket 939:


    MSI K8N Neo4-F ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail


    $86 (not as good of a board as the DFI, but still nice)


    CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM Dual Channel Kit System Memory - Retail




    POWERCOLOR Radeon X800 128MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail


    $149....better than a 6600GT (especially at CS/Hl2) (and i had a 9600pro powercolor...good quality card)


    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1GHz FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor - Retail


    $146 (winnies are cheaper, but this a a VERY worthwhile $10 upgrade)


    Case your choice..mine was under $60


    FSP Group (Fortron Source) AX500-A 500W Power Supply - Retail

    PSU http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16817104934



    $614 for that, could drop PSU model a little and swing it with less $$$ impact...it's a better stock setup, but the DFI board in the other setup offers more OCing option..and i would rather have DFI over MSI in a PCI-e setup...


    well the 939 wont be bad...the 754 wont be either....whatever you get will make your surrent PC look like i pile of garbage...so it's win win for you...

    and as far as that whole not needing a case thing...umm yeah you do...bc it wont fit in the Dell case, and a PC (well your main rig anyway..) needs a case....


    EDIT: and puck...you have the best sort of knowledge...hands on :D


    and OCing is perfectly safe as long as you keep thigns cool, take your time, and dont go crazy :lol:



    Hey what case to you pick out? all the cases i'm looking at suck. I found one it was like $30 but it looked .....dorky? idk how to explain the un-coolness of this case.



    Whats the difference in the DFI mobo and the MSI http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16813130491

  13. You can really do much with $600. I do not think he will be able to get a A64 and PCI-Express depending on what else he needs. My Athlon Xp and Geforce Fx5600 runs BF2 fine, not at high quality but a mix on low and medium and it is playable.

    If you want a killer rig i suggest saving more money. You dont need to spend $125 on a  Power Supply for a budget computer.


    You can get a DFI 939 w/ Express for $89.00

    A 939 Venice $146.00

    and a 6600GT $144.00


    thats $379 w/o tax or shipping.

    +$150 for decent 1 gig of ram

    +%50-$100 for PSU

    thats around $600.

    dont need a case, leave it in teh box lol.




    Thats exactly it, don't don't need a killer rig, I don't want to save money bcuz i'm sick of this piece or [email protected]#$ dell, my mom gave me. I'm on PCI(not express) i can play CS and Startcraft.....thats about it. I tried Warcraft III and AA:SF, i couldn't play those i doubt i can play BF2 or HL2 w/ a MX 4000. Which is why i'm asking for some much help. Plus I want to make sure everything works for sure. This is my first setup so I'm fallowing like 10 different guides so i don't mess it up.

  14. cchalogamer is right, a sempron chip will save you $50 or so over a newcastle chip, and is a valid argument.  Sempron might be a good choice for you if you'd rather move the setup I layed out around a bit.  The semprons perform well in comparison to newcastles AND venices, and they OC well.  Semprons perform better in an OC setting than Winchesters because the Winchesters have that crappy memory controller, but I bet a Venice is a different story :)  My hangup is that he's not OCing.  Plus, like I showed above, he CAN get into a setup with both PCI-E AND 939 in his budget, and I think that's a great system.


    If you'd rather just spend $550, or if you'd rather spend that $50 somewhere else, a sempron is a very good option, but I don't think it's necessary.  Why not be totally up to date if the performance is comparable, if not better, and it's within your budget?



    I would like for you to make out a layout w/ everything(754 or 939, what ever you use or like the most) except that stuff i already have. If you can't thats cool too, but It would really help me.


    And who knows I might be OCing if i know for sure The worst that happens is that my computer shuts down and reboots normally.


    I wish I could pay you guys moeny for this information. this board has been the most helpful about systems and stuff.

  15. if i was goign PCI-e i would go 939...but all PCI-e cards with the exception of the 7800GTX come in AGP flavor and it cost the same as your entire upgrade...so i dont se sticking with AGP as a problem...Just stick with AGP for now and in alot of benchmarks with lower end PCI-e cards, the AGP versions actually performed BETTER (ok so its not MUCH better but a little boost never hurt anyone...) (now im off to look for that nice yet overpriced PCI-e skt 754 board i saw awhile back....


    Oh and the 3000+ sempron is under $100....i still say get it, bc you will NOT notice that much difference if you  willing to OC...and $50 on a tight budget is alot.



    Is prob what i would choose for PCI-e and 754...sadly only 2 ram slots...idk not as feature rich as the AGP 754 boards...but i guess if you MUST have PCI-e (which seems VERY pointless for you) then that's prob what i would get...


    EDIT: Oh and Mr. Smarty pants above...note that the difference in MY setup and that would be more of a $55 difference...$55 could be the change in a good PSU and a not so good one...or crappier ram...or god only knows what else... (oh and did i mention that the 3000+ sempron can run with my 939 3000+ without any issues...it OCs better than a winnie, and well i dont have a venice to compare it to...)


    Oh and i do like the ram you posted better btw :D



    Is socket a the same as socket 754?

  16. just out of curiosity...are some of you ppl even adding up the cost of the parts your reccomending? and heck we dotn even know if a HDD, optical drives etc are included in his $600...if so he doesnt have a chance with a nice 939 setup...bc even a 3000+ 939 is an extra $50 over that sempron, not to mention more for the motherboard...


    the only option i DO like is to do PCI-e...it does leave better upgrade room, but for a $600 budget now...what card would you get that isnt AGP????



    WEll good news is I have a 30gb hard drive already to get me started and I have my dell cd-rw and dvd, (nec and lite-on) and have a keyboard/mouse/beefy 5.1 surround speakers/Aopen 5.1 sound card.


    SO basicly all I need is a decent mobo754, guys i'm sry, but i it sounds like a 939 is over kill for me. BUt a mobo $100, PSU $75-125, Case (something rly simple not into lights and crap $50-75, ram, i have 2x 256 but i want a gig or a 512 stick30-Refurb 1gig rosewill. and I might need a floopy $5-15 and the best part i think is .... a 6600GT for less than $150. I think thats adds to $600.......ahh crap the processor $150.....*drum roll plz*..... dang that like $825, maybe i'll find a dcent processor cheap that 150, maybe like $85, i doubt it but who knows.


    Thanks a bunk cchalogamer, you helped a lot breakingin it down in noobie language



    Edit: I wanted PCI-express for sure, but no sign of a DFI mobo, what other mobos are 754 and have pci-express?


    Edit #2:I search socket 754 w/ PCI-EXpress 16x and found like 8, someone just pick one out thats the best, I can afford all of them on the search page.


    I have 2x 256 and some of them would be good if i got a stick of 1gig, or would it just be cheaper to use a brand new 1gig stick than mix match old/new ram

  17. I would go with socket 939, its newer and will support the X2 dual core processors in case you want to upgrade. For a processor I would recommend the 3000+ or the 3200+ (the 3000+ can be OCed 200mhz to make it a 3200+) .




    I don't plan to OC it at all, maybe in the next rig i build, i'm afiard I'm gonna break this bcuz money is tight.($40 bucks week + odd jobs)


    I saw they make a 939/754 boards, those any good?


    I found a CHAINTECH VNF4 Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 ATX AMD Motherboard, what is the most reliable mobo. I've heard a lot of good things about Asus and what does the chipset do for porformance and which ones are decent/good.


    What kind of power supply should i look into? a 400 or a 450 wat? or higher?


    And what kind of PCI-Express card is decent for under $150 and plz don't tell me to save up for the 6800GT ultra or w/e the Badest model outthere.


    I should tell you I still play SC and I only plan on playing maybe BF-2 since HL-2 in coming for xbox\360

  18. I'm not quite where to begin. I'm starting to build a budget gaming system under $600 so price is important. But I also what to be able to play Doom III, HL-2, and BF-2. So far I picked out 1 gig of ram, APEX PC-115 Beige Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 350W Power Suppl, ELSA GLADIAC A660GT 128B3 DTV Geforce 6600GT 128MB GDDR3 AGP 4X/8X, ASUS K8N Socket 754 NVIDIA nForce3 250 ATX AMD Motherboard. The processor must work w/ mobo of course and needs to be better than my P celeron 1.8ghz(my a dell :unsure: ). I'm grateful for any help, and it possible have link for processor. RIght now all my parts are coming through newegg.

  19. 6600?


    If this isn't find me a 6600 for under $150, i don't care at if it refurb or not. New egg has a crapload of them and other decent(i think) PCI-express cards.


    And plz don't tell me he to save and get a 6800 GT w/ w/e ram. I'm saving up for this along w/ a barebone. I already have 512 ram, i need a gig, already have harddrive, monitor and keyboard/mouse and cables.


    I was also was wondering if I could just buy a semi-cheap system and customize it to what are need and "take" out what i already have.


    Almost like http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...22269&CatId=335 get a decent vid card and more ram and presto!. Could I play HL-2 and BF 2 on that?


    PS. I don't rly want to build the whole system, looks like too much work, and I wan't this at least under $600

  20. Alright I have decided to buy a decent computer. I have a Dell(it was a Xmas gift, I had no controll) And I have a PCI Generic Audio 5.1 Card(It was cheap and it works) and 2 x 256 ram and a 30 gig Harddrive. I really want everything eles i need inside the computer. I'll most likely drop maybe $150 on a video card after I'm done owing my mother. I have a no idea what the different sockets are and would like at least 768 ram. I don't plan on OC'ing at all. I need a computer that can handle at least Half-LIfe 2 w/ 800x600 or higher. I come from a dirt cheap computer, a Dell that has a PCI(not express) card. I have play SC and CS...........Thats about it. I don't really feel confident about putting the complicated parts in. (power suppy, processor, motherboard) I'm greatful for anyhelp offered. My budget is under $500.


    PS. I did a search on the forums for this kind of thing, nothing was really found, give me link if there is a similar post

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