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  1. I saw this on Attack of the Show on techtv/G4. It takes the movement of objects off the cpu.


    Edit: Show notes from ATS "The Power ... of PhysX!

    Posted by cschreiner - 4:25 PM Thursday, September 29, 2005

    CEO of AGEIA Manju Hegde was kind enough to show off some live demos of their new PhysX processor.


    Basically, what it does is take the burden of calculating physics effects off of the CPU and onto a new processor ... which means, more crazy explosions!


    In the future, we'll be able to see environments that are 100% interactive, based on real-life physics. Throw a bowling ball at a brick wall, and the bricks will break just like they would in real life.


    Check out the AGEIA site for some breathtaking videos of the demos in action ... and then wait with bated breath for the hardware to come out."


    Edit: 2nd grey....errr.....Silver Star!!

  2. hmmmm....i was hopping you wouldent say that lol :(


    anyways has any1 here shopped with overstock.com?

    is it a kind of Ebay?

    or is it an accual store or w.e?

    are they trust worthy?

    can any1 vouche for them?


    because I found one at 350...

    I guess i can get 100 more bucks....

    heres link



    oh P.s how would I go about getting my xfire on my spec thing?

    I tried what It said on xfire.com but im not sure where im suppose to

    paste it to??



    overstock.com is a great site. my parents shop there just because they don't like to compare prices because the site shows that you are saving more than half. Their tech department kinda sucks a lot, lol, so don't plan on buying anything there. I think they have acutions now but I can't say anything about that.

  3. so far I've read that we "need" a name change though everyone likes the name we already have. i do agree that sponsors are good and more reviews would certainlly would be really nice. But if we don't stay with "overclocking" we would be another forum for average joe who doesn't know a mouse from a hard drive. Idk, I guess thats just my thoughts, but it doesn't really matter coming from a forum noob like myself. New name or not, we would still be the same people reccomending the DFI board over anything eles. lol

  4. Basicly you should google overclocking, read the overcloking faq on this web site to get you started. You aren't the first to want to overclock, search "how to overclock" on the forums search and you should find lots of information. Remember if you don't know what it does, don't touch the setting, then google it, and understand what it does. Messing around a system setting may leave you very unhappy with a no-so- functioning computer. :google: is your friend

  5. Ya, proving your parents was hard for me, but I guess my mom just shrugged her shoulders and said, "whatever, its your money" But so far I just need the cpu which she has order me for chirstmas, but having to wait for the opteron stepping has me......uh........nervous, but the worst opteron overclock was about 2.7 on some insane volts. Any way, Nice job though what games you gonna "try" to play on it?

  6. Good: my friends and families tech support(isn't everyone here lol), entertaining people I know, confinident in my work and creativity


    Bad: procastinate a lot, I hate computer idiots, people who think they know what they are talking about ex: "Ya i have 250gb ram and 3.2ghz hardrive, my video card is 256 mb fx5200, I can play doom III on high"

    Little things annoy me quickly

  7. i guess the 3200+ Venice would be comparable other than the cache size, so why is the Opteron better than the 3200+?




    The earlier versions have been known to OC up and over 3ghz, the early ones were godly as said a couple posts before mine, the newer ones can overclock pretty good, the worst overclock of a opteron is about 2.7 on a more uncomfortable vcore as some seem to like. dfi-street.com has these steppings so far

    1. CABNE 05xx (excluding 0540) / CABYE 0540

    2, CABNE 0540 / CABYE 05xx (excluding 0540)

    3. CAB2E 05xx

    4. CABGE 05xx

    In order of highest OC. Hope this helped and good luck with the new opteron.

  8. do pci express x16 cards need a special power connector from the psu? i just ran across a psu that said it had a pci express power connector and i was like  :blink:



    Pretty sure it depends on the video card. Many power supplies don't have a PCI-exprees plug, so sometimes you get a conversion cable w/ the video card. I think...

  9. So my friend was interested in buying a new puter and he was looking to get a dell.  I, of course as anyone here, told him he was wasting his money and thus I ended up with the job of building his new rig.  Hes 16 and his birthday is 3 weeks before Christmas so he gets the double wammy of gifts.  He was told he could spend $800 (out of gifts and shere neccesity for a new computer) and anything over would come out of his other money from relatives.  He claimed he wanted it to last him until a few years in college and wanted to play all the new games that come out.


    Here is what I ended up choosing for him:


    Athlon 64 3700 San Diego

    Abit KN8 SLI

    eVGA 7800gt

    antec truepowerII 550w

    160 hd

    1 gig corsair xms

    lite on dvd burner


    all totaling with case and another dvd drive $1022. 


    I get buyers remorse.  While I feel like I would love to have all of that, I dont know if I went over the top and he maybe didn't need all that.  Keep in mind he wants this too last another 5 yrs and wants to play games on it (hence the SLI so he can get another 7800 when he wants to).  What do you think?  Too much? Too little?



    You may want to order a Opteron when they aren't OOS, or just get a 148 opteron, same as the 3700+ as far as specs but overclock, well ya you know how well they overclock :D . But if he won't be overclocking save some $$ by getting a 3500+, I'm pretty sure it will be almost as the 3700+/148 and thats like $50 save (or more) Maybe wait for the eVGA deal to come back with the free mobo and that will save you some money, I'm not sure if it is a SLI mobo though. Isn't the XMS series for overclocking? Maybe get some kind of value select ram, may be cheaper only if you aren' overclocking. Other than that, lol, looks like you have a pretty much future "proof" system so far. Wait till the real experts reply.

  10. that 9800 pro might still be usuable, alligater clips maybe then you can glue it pretty easy,  BTW if you got the money, than the gto2 is the way to go, 100% sucess rate of flashing it to a x850 xt pe



    The one with a 1.6 something ram chips is the x800gto2, which is about 240.00 and the c3d has 2.0 something ram chips, this is not as good for overclocking thus why the x800gto2 is more expensive. I would reccomend getting the c3d's version just bcuz its closer to your budget. You may want to look into the 6800gs, built on 7xxx nvida's series chip( i think) and seems to out beat the 6800gt in some games and benchmarks.

    Google x800gto2 mod, tech power up has a great article on it.

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