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  1. I saw the sushi ones on techtv, but this is way cooler. I can just see the slogon for it.

    " Do you miss mom's old cooking while you are at your computer? Just buy one of these muffin USB drives and You will smell that nice freshly baked smell."

  2. I say connect3D x800xl, can be modded to x800xtpe speeds, but then OCed to x850 speeds, don't know which one!

    Sandy for gaming! there is a good mobo/vga combo right here, I got it, and its good for gaming and OCing if u wanna do that a little --->EVGA Combo


    also, if you want a CPU/mobo combo, they have a good one as well-->CPU/Mobo Combo


    Hope that helps



    Its a x800gto made by Connect3D, and x800xl suck at overclocking. And some may say the lack of SM3.0 may be a draw back for future games, but lets not get into that crap. Nice links but you ever here of newegg.com?

  3. Go to monarchcomputer.com get the 64 bit +3700 asus a8n-sli mobo and a single 6600 now then get the second one next payday. Should stay around 500-600 bucks and with he new nvidia drivers that board is rock solid stable.



    That plan sounds great but that 6600 card kinda sucks, a lot, you are better off getting a 6800gs for about $50 bucks more and a 6800gs in sli is pretty good considering thats its a bit cheaper than a 7800gtx and it is a little under par. I'm pretty sure 2 6800GSs are better than a 7800gt but get a 7800gt and sli later.

  4. :withstupid: That is a good point! IMO I would ditch the case and get at least a mid-tower, because micro atx boards kinda suck.



    If you are building a frag box then you have to use a mATX, as that is what I'm doing and reviews suggest that the 6100 series are very good for a HTPC or a lan box. Put into a x-qpack, makes it look even better.

  5. stay AWAY form sapphire whatever you do. go with nvidia



    I don't really know what you are trying to say. Nvidia makes the chipsets, Sapphire is an excellent brand unless you can say otherwise. That card is better than the x800gto at stock but overclocked I'm pretty sure it owns the x800xl. **Note, the x800xl have been known to be horrible overclockers.

  6. I have mixed feelings on this. If they do put AMD chips in, I could acctucally reccomend dells to my family. (spelling) But it a Dell and I don't know if I could give crappy tech support and expensive parts and make them hate computers all together. Time will only tell how well this works out. I really don't think they will give up Intel though. I guess it would be nice if they at least started to put AMD chips in their "gaming" line of PCs.

    .........Gaming Line of PCs............lol what a joke

  7. I was going through my brother's closet, looking for a PSU, and I stumbled upon what looked like a copper coil. I pulled it out... next came a system of cappilaries...


    And yup, I just found a phase change system :D. R-134a is the refridgerant. No block on it for cooling though.


    So... use it or sell it?


    what is a phase change cooling system exactly? a frig on your cpu?

  8. If you already have a mp3 player, get the 7800gt, plus if you plan on getting a video ipod would you really watch movies/shows on my go? maybe look into a 4th gen ipod, pretty cheap now. I know my zen touch just stays in my pocket all day long...

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