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  1. I'm already starting a new build to somewhat last me through the next 4-5 years, with the unreal word of "future proofing", although it won't work out all 4-5 years. I just picked up a GigaByte 965P-S3 and the next thing on my list would be.... mind you, I'm trying to save money, I picked up this motherboard at a PC club for 45 bucks, not a bad deal at all I'd say. I usually get the video card and CPU last since the prices move around when new products emerge. So should I just pick up the (in this order) ram, new HD, CPU, then video card. I plan on just getting a 2x2gb ram for less than 80 or so, and whatever the hot deal is for a SATA HD. As for the video card, I was gonna wait for the 9800 series, and then hopefully pick up a 8800gt when the prices shift. As for the CPU, I'm shooting for a Core 2 Quad, hoping the prices will lower over the next few months.


    One other thing, I have a Zalman 7700-AlCu , is there a mounting bracket I can buy somewhere for the LGA 775 socket, or am I stuck with stock cooling untill more funds appear? I haven't checked anywhere, I think Newegg use to sell the bracket but I'm not sure. And if I can't find it or its not really worthy for the Core2Quad as far as cooling goes, what should I be looking at, there is a big heatsink kinda near the cpu spot on the mobo.


    Thanks in advance


    I really missed this place, first post in a year or so.

  2. I suppose when I say "ultimate" there was a tad bit of sarcasm. Reason I went with the 512mb card was for the high res on the TV, would the 8800gts 320mb still out perform it? I've never really had any chance to learn Ram overclocking though I understand dividers and volts, thats about it, and I can't really tell the difference between ddr 333 and ddr400. Could I tell with DDR2 677 and DDR2 800? I guess what I should have said was I want to go Core 2 Duo and I have a budget of 1000 dollars at the most. What do you have in mind for the power supply? And I wasn't sure if the 8800GTS could fit in my budget.

  3. My brother law wants the ultimate gaming machine for a price-tag of 800-1000 dollars. I said it was possible and asked what was the very best CPU, I answered Core 2 Duo. ...thats about it, thats all I know, thats its the best. I don't know anything on the intel side, all the motherboard model numbers confuse the hell outta me compared to what AMD has from Nvidia and AIT. So i wanted anything I should look for in features in the mobo. So far I have:




    Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 Conroe 2.13GHz

    POWERCOLOR X1950XT 512MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 VIVO Video Card with Artic Cooling Fan

    G.SKILL 2GB (2 x 1GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 667

    SAMSUNG SpinPoint T Series HD501LJ 500GB 7200 RPM


  4. Ok first off welcome to OCC and welcome to the world of building your own computer. Like many have said, you may want to upgrade your whole rig (video card, your processor, and your motherboard).


    So your CPU will be about $160 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16819103537


    And your video card should be about $175



    And a simple motherboard with decent overclocking about $85



    SO you looking at about $420, give or take about $20 depending if you are a smart researcher and the sales. You could save about $30 if you use a 6600GT but the one I have picked out it better as far as proformace. Now if you could toss in about $40 dollars you could get a another stick of 512mb of ram. You could use a old socket (the "home" of the processor, some are new and better) but you may want to upgrade your CPU once you have gotten a hang of this computer building stuff. I would reccomend building it yourself or at least have a friend do it and watch him. (Sry about any bad spelling)


    But if you are really trying to save money, I would just get the best Socket A cpu (your socket on your motherboard) and upgrade to at least a 9800pro.

  5. 1. Contact Your Supplier

    All authorized Biostar distributors and resellers should honor and offer a 1-year warranty on new Biostar products. Please return your defective product to your supplier for warranty exchange. If the product is out of warranty or if your supplier cannot, or will not help you, please proceed to step two.


    www.biostar-usa.com/servicemain.asp guess i'd be breaking rule on bigred

  6. I'm looking into RMA right now, but it won't be easy like newegg easy. I saved like 20 bucks going through mwave, so I don't know how well they treat ya. I'm reading the RMA tricks and tips right now. I love the biostar board a lot, so I don't really want a refund or a different mobo. I made a bonehead mistake that I'm sure everyone has learn one way or another. Thanks a bunch bigred and I think I'll go with that reason. BTW nice new advitar or not, I've been gone a while.

  7. Alright well I've pretty much narrowed it down to me buying another motherboard, which Ive accepted, only costs about $75 on newegg.com. But I wanted to know if there was a way to erase the new bios and revert back to the old BIOS. But heres the fun part, as soon as I boot up, I heard a long beep every 2 or 3 seconds plus the black screen(doesn't dissappear ever), thats the CPU problem but I installed a socket 754 BIOS with my 939 version of the board. I can't even boot from floopy, I've tried resetting CMOS, and taking about the battery for about any hour. Last detail is that its a Biostar board. 6100-M9, but I had downlong the Tforce BIOS for the 6100 for the 754 version. Mind you that I looked it up and I could flash with the Tforce 939 version on my board and it worked. But i had gottem the wrong version of that, so I needed th newest and then I download the wrong BIOS. So gentlemen and ladies, who has any ideas? Am I pretty much .ed or is there a cheaper solution with out having to hot swap the BIOS chip?

  8. spread spectrum modulates the frequency (it goes faster then slower really fast) to reduce emi radiation... only useful in sweden where the emi cops are out to get you... pretty much a no-no for oc-ing...


    err94 enh is either RevE or dual core additional support...


    the rest is wtf... the 16/16 should be left at that setting, the frame buffer might be like the agp aperture for the onboard graphics but that's a guess...


    does it not mention them in the bios section of the manual?



    Ok thanks for the help, are all the nubers all right? Shou;d NB<->SB HT be 16/16? is that what you meant hardnrg? Thanks again for all the input.Kinda sucks I'm not reaching a FSB of 270 on +.15 vcore increase, anything i can do to get higher than about 265?


    The video card is next on my shopping list, this 6100 crap is great compared to my MX4000.

  9. Which Opteron did you get? Only reason I see for wanting to change the multiplier would be to go down and increase HTT, but then you would need really good RAM to achieve a 1:1 ratio. I honestly don't see the problem. Just tweak the settings to get the HTT as high as you can at a 1:1 ratio and then use a RAM divider if your memory sucks. So you can't change the multiplier. What's the big deal?


    I got the 148 CabyE 0542

    Ya I did what you said to do before I saw thius post because I wouldn't really need the 10x if I already had 11x. So I got a very stable of 2.82 with five hours of OCCT torture(I stopped at 5) and 32 min of SuperPi. All this with one a .05 Vcore on Stock, not bad for my very first CPU overclock. I have very loose timings and slow ram speed, I'm try to find highest CPU clock and then Ram highest clock.

  10. Well, I grabbed my unwrapped opteron and replaced it with my old Dell CPU, they won't know the difference, lol So I'm reformatting and all the good stuff and I get to the BIOS looking for all the options, and I find all but one..... I can't find the Muiltplier, So i'm like okay, thats cool whatever, maybe I'm just missing something, So i do some googling and find the 6100-M9 does not have the muiltplier, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!. The 6100-939 does, the big brother. So My dream of overclocking has now been crashed by my lack of research. Anyone have any idea if I can get around this, What would be the stock multipler for my opteron, maybe I could just increase the FSB and set a ram divider. I think have that option because I can increase the FSB and the ram frequeincy, so in theroy, wouldn't that be a ram divider? Or maybe there is a way to unlock that option through a BIOS flash? Any help would be helpful. Plz try not to flame me too hard.... :(:blush::O


    BTW: I'm not sure which place this goes in, Processors, Motherboard, or Overclocking so any mod can move it.

  11. ok well after reading (and seeing) how well teh opterons are overclocking, i think ill spring for one, seeing as how they are being discontinued as well.  what would the best style to get for overclockign be?  i would pair it with either my SLI-DR or an Expert....  and if i get one i might spring for some Watercooling, or god noes maybe a Phase sytem...


    so whats the main difference between teh 146-180's?


    i have seen crasy OC's out of teh 146's and some other crasys form the 170's... the main difference that i am noticing is that the stock clock rates are diffrent....



    I think You would be good getting a 148, a bigger multi whcih means, in some cases, and easier oc without ram divider. It has a 10x multi right? and 146 has 9? correct me if i'm wrong. The monarch oem 148s are mostly CAB2E(i think thats right) but I ended up getting a CAYBE 0542. Good luck

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