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  1. well, pretty soon school will start and i'll want it for basicly listening needs. I don't need a voice recorder or a FM recorder. I want to fit as much as possible on it, so i want at least a 40 gb, the Zen Touch does have a 40 gb and the Nomad Zen has 60 gb and the nomad is about 40 dollars cheaper but it doesn't have enough features like a touch wheel. (it has a jog dial) and thats about $290 off of bizrate/pircewatch. So i'll need up getting that. I'm also cheaking the ipod photo w/ education disccount, see if i can afford the 60 gb, (not likly) thanks for your help and i'll tell you guys all about it. ~Ham Cake
  2. Well i'm been saving up for a mp3 player and i'm having a little doubts if 20 gb will be big enough for all my music and some files (kool programs let you use it as a HD) so if anyone has anything to say about it i would surely love the help Ham Cake, PS mods if this doesn't belong here move it, ty in advance
  3. Thanks a bunch i'll get that cheap 33 dollar ram, thanks fora ll your help, and thanks for the google link, you know i never tried that, but what would you guys do without looking for theses good deals for fun?
  4. Well i have a crappy 2350, not made rly for gaming, thus the PCI slot, so i'm not rly into spending money on it, i have a gerneric sound card, and a MX rosewill vid card, i'm a cheap-o, so this is the task, find me the cheapest 512 ddr dimm 184 pin, try to stay to a decent site, (new egg, and all that other crap) may the force be with you, well at least the ones that look.
  5. Apple.com has this converter adapter of some sort, no idea if it will work with any PC, i'm sure it will, hardware is mostly the same with Mac and PC
  6. Thank You I'll have my mom order on her credit card, i already gave her a hundred to buy a FX5200 but after today reading a lot of posts, i'm glad they canceled my order.
  7. Thanks a bunch guys I had already Pick out one on newegg heres the link FX5700Le I don't know if Apollo is a decent brand, if you guys think of any brands tell me, I'm trying to get him this card b4 Saturday, his birthday
  8. Ok, I'm trying to get a decent Video card for PCI (not PCI express) my brother, I have a crap Rosewill MX 4000, so if you guys recomend a better card, I may start saving up. I'm not really a noob, but I thought the FX series was good so I don't know. We both have the Same Systems, just he has intregrated graphics 256 ram 1.8 celeron ....thats about it.
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