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  1. I like that WWII idea, maybe have a model fighter jet crash throgh the case, like you see the tail end on the right side and the cock pit on the left side, be like its crashing through, That guy that did that case probably have a mechanicle degree bcuz most of that stuff had a motor on it and the spot lights that come out in the front. No to mention the paint job, whoa.
  2. I can just see myself on the crapper losing weight at the same time while getting a high score on Pac Man, ahh the joy....
  3. Ya if you found it under $250 great buy, some places charge up to about 315, but that was when they were really HOT, like everywhere was OOS, and allstarshop was the only ones that had em. Go to tech power up and read the forum about the mod, like 150 pages of ppl trying to figure out how to mod it, some even have the succees of modded a regular C3d x800gto and it works, but it had 2.0 mem chips are compared to the 1.6 chips. Tell us your high overclocks once you get it up.
  4. (insert 2!! gold star plus a half of a silver) Ya I found out why it was so hard, it didn't have power steering so I had to turn the wheel like 2 full turns to do a U-turn. I'm sure that didn't really halp my whole experience, I'm kinda looking forward to driving, its like Forza Motorsports, just no respawn points in Rl(real life) and you can' use a cheat to buy the new parts and repairs, ya just like a video game....lol Thanks again for the support guys. BTW how many times did you take to pass, here in Cal I think you only have 3 tries for the permit and 3 for the driving test.
  5. YAYAYAY Good luck I've been looking into the flash but when I did look I found it at the price of 260 on newegg, So i've been looking at refurb. video cards, cheap, slightly used, and most of the time they are better. I did see a x800gto2 refurb, I'll bet some nub flashed it wrong and returned it, lol
  6. All this new avatar crap is freaking me out, I thought slience was the poster, and i had no idea marty even replied with his new (but very sweet) family guy avatar. < Confused Nublet
  7. The Chevy Astro we have is like a tank, lol, maybe I'll improve my GF tank skills, Ya they car I drove today was this little cheap peice of metal, Chevy ....idk, 2 doors and not a lot of get up and go. But ya I'm thinking about drving to water polo practice but its at night on a semi busy street at that time, but ya w/e, and thanks for the advice.
  8. Google Acer Support, I hear its one of the worst.
  9. Ya i took my first drving test with my instructor and omg, i thought i crapped my pants, maybe i'm a seafood or something, but there is too much going on all at once. After a while I got use to it but man, it just crazy, seeing the streets is very different when you are driving. I had no idea where i was when I was driving, you guys have any tips to help myself relaxed just a bit? Maybe it was just because it was my first time, once I start driving with my parents (which I can now) with my permit "acctivated". But who would want to drive with a crazy 15 year old? lol
  10. YAYAY now I'll be able to afford the older model before the 580 core. Hur-ya for price drops.
  11. I think everyone is overwhemling you with video cards. The 6800 is faster than the 6600gt even though it may have less ram but I'm pretty sure it has more pixel pipelines. What is the rest of your computer? The one I'm building is about $850 and I have budgeted with a 3700+ and a 6800gs with everything eles(see sig) wih a total of 625.00 with optics and hardrives, leaving you with money for a PSu and case(antec) . I would really reccomend going through online sites and I'm not quite sure what a "boxing sale" is.
  12. 6800gt to ultra speeds not worth it anymore with new card coming out now?
  13. Ya the Artic Cooling Freezer 64 may not be the best, many here will say the Zalman and Thermalright are pretty good, pretty much anything by them is a great product if you have a windowed case I would say get a HSF with a led just to make it look cool in the dark. But a very nice set up. The opterons for 939 are better overclockers is what I have read so far, so maybe look into that. BTW. what case are you going with? As for a somewhat budget video card I'd go with a 6800gs or 6800gt for nvidia or for ati go with a x800gt(o).
  14. Thank you guys, I take it I just google "overclocking cpus" and read the results or just track down a book?
  15. BTW, how did you guys learn to overclock? trial and error or did you read a guide? Bcuz the speeds you guys are running make me want to try when I purchase it but i don't feel to confident since I can't just go and get another chip if I mess up so ya if you guys have a nooby thread for overclocking that describes a bit more in detail than the FAQ at OCC. My mobo doesn't have a BIOS update yet, I guess they haven't been any problems with it or Biostar just doesn't go and support their products. I know another forum said they sent an email to them and they replyed back saying the don't get "server chips" to test in there mobos.. So Ive been googling for a while look so I gave up and post here. Thanks again for the help guys.
  16. I have 2 quick questions concerning the some what new opteron in 939 form. I had my mind set of a 3700+ but having seen the new opterons that have come out should I change my mind? Another thing is I already bought my motherboard for my new build and I'm wondering if the opteron would even start up in it. mobo is a Biostar Geforce6100-M9. The website states it takes AMD Athlon 64 FX/Athlon 64 X2/Athlon 64/Sempron Processor, all that is from the website Biostar 6100-m9 So any help would....er would be helpful. Next week I'll have about $380, more than enough for the Aspire X-qpack and the processor. I'll be overclocking a little bit, and soon as I read up more on it and everything. But are there any differences between them at stock settings?
  17. Well once you find the one you want to the most, check out the support forums and find out if there are any problems w/ the firmware, design, etc. Once you do that you'll have a little bit of confidence over what you are buying. Good luck and happy shopping. I have a Creative Zen Touch 40gb(I think the 20 gb is less than $200) great Ipod alternative, corse everyone calls it a ipod thinking the correct term for an mp3 player is an ipod.
  18. Stealthing the drives mean to cover them up with some type of door, or camofpaging(spelling)
  19. This is gonna be the badest thing I have ever seen to be modded. Good luck and don't let the project die like some other modders have. (not here other forums)
  20. Ya It should be better, search the review of it, the Biostar version(first one to come out) is said to play at 800*600 at decent famerate. http://www.anandtech.com/mb/showdoc.aspx?i=2539&p=5 This is the 939 socket version, but the 754 version uses the same graphicsa core.
  21. Well, if you want the GTO in agp its a decent card, faster and ..................ya, just pretty much faster than the 6600gt and get close to a 6800 I belive. http://www.techpowerup.com/articles//overc...g/vidcard/127/1 is the link to flash the pci-e gto2 version. The GT is also a little bit faster than the 6600gt too. So its pretty much to you. x800gt(o) agp
  22. 1600*1200......I'm not sure maybe a 6600 would, if not some what close, the human eye an only detect like 30-45 FPS anyway.(i think) Why at suck high res? anyway
  23. dang it, some how i always seem to forget that *cries in the corner with nice sobbing noises*
  24. I hate to say this, but.....get him a Dell, the support may be good for an....less computer wisdom peson such as a grandparent. My grandpa had a ..I think it it was a 8xxx and he does the printing pictures from camera, scan old pictures, recorded records to CDs, and does the email thing. The support isn't half bad when you get some one from the US and they do have alerts via email to scan and protect your self. Just get the 512 ram upgrade and a MX400 or a cheap video card. Just a thought.
  25. Well, it is possible to build a server than can run 64 players on a BF 2 but maybe not so much max with the specs handed out. If you plan on hosting a server don't you need a beefer CPU, or do you plan to play on a 64 player server? Hardcore gaming Like balttefield 2, 64 player server with max settings Sorta confuses me, You could play on a server like that, but idk if you host that.
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