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  1. 3.6 Ghz HT Pentium4 + modded CoolerMaster watercooling Asus P5LD2 motherboard crappy 2 x 1gb DDR2 667mhz RAM 512mb Asus 7600 GS gfx card 530W Hyper TYPE R modular PSU 2 x SATAII 250Gb HDD 1 x IDE 80Gb HDD 6.1 onboard sound DVDWR + CDWR
  2. @lix

    Man skiing UK underground...

    Falling over or not.. hes going to need new skis now ^^
  3. @lix

    Man skiing UK underground...

    Maybe he was pro elavator skier? :s
  4. @lix

    Man skiing UK underground...

    "A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman described the skier's antics as "naive and reckless"." gets better.... "They urged the man to contact them so they could discuss the potential dangers of his stunt." his reply... "The film's producer said other people were not in danger as friends of the stuntman, a Norwegian national, had warned passengers away." hehehehe. What a story!
  5. For those of you who have not seen it or do not believe me watch this; Is all over the news in the UK even though it was done some time ago. looks fun
  6. @lix

    What kind of firewall do you use?

    Win firewall + router. In my opinion 3rd party software is vastly overated, ineffective and slows system performance. You have to get a virus before they make an anti-virus software ^^
  7. @lix

    Windy Zippo

    Good looking zippo
  8. @lix

    Switching HD's and switching pcs....

    Are you going to format them? Windows will not work if you are changing the hardware it is using. If you try access the windows drive even as a secondary drive just to extract info when you setup your new pc, Windows will most likely throw an access denied permissions window at you. Best to format the windows drive at least and re-install windows on that drive
  9. @lix

    Official OCC CS:S Server!

    Hey, is the server based in America too? I Think I will have too a high ping if I join
  10. @lix

    "Dog in Snow"

    I have never owned a dog.. just cats. Seeing this pic reminds me that I would really like one!!
  11. @lix

    Returning Member

    Hello everyone. First post should rightly be placed here. I am however a returning member after 2 years AWOL Hope everyone is well, Regards, @lix p.s. Case should be up soon in the gallery