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  1. Thanks for the help.. FYI my bios is award.. it is set up to overclock the cpu so I think i can try that.. thanks for the help again..
  2. I was told to use a ram drive for my pc instead of using the windows set swap file but how do you make one or set up one in Winxp pro? i can find a spot to do it..this person had win2000 and he had a spot to do it and he said he gained alot of performance from it..
  3. Where do you get these ntskonml.exe files from? can someone help me there?
  4. Ok here is what I am doing.. I have 3 PCs linked on a linksys 5 port workgroup hub.. My cable connection comes in on the hub to the uplink spot then my 3 pcs hook up to on of the 5 ports to my hub.. now my problem is when i am playing games on line every once in a while i get one of the 3 pcs to lag out or ping itself out and not respond then will recover and play normal again.. it is not always the same pc it switches.. Can anyone help here? am I doing it wrong? Am I missing something in my network? I am mainly hooking up these like this so they all share the same internet connection but I also share files back and forth and also all share the same printer? tell me a better way to do this or what I have wrong to be causing this.. Thanks
  5. Ok was wondering if anyone has Overclocked this cpu and what they used as settings? This is my set up MB: Shuttle ak31 ver3.1 CPU:XP 1600+ RAM:512ddr 2100 VGA:innovision Gforce 2 400mx 32mb HD: 40gig ata100 7200rpm OP: Winxp pro Power: 400 watt supply Any suggestions welcome.. thanks.. I have tried a few things but with no avail so someone help ..
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