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  1. cool thanks, yeah the budget could go to $800 but thats really all
  2. so you guys don't think its worth it for the geforce 8xxx series or the pci 2.0 cards
  3. This is for a friend and I havn't really kept up with all the the latest technologies. This would be used for audio/movie production, and gaming. Any corrections, comments, critique, whatever is welcome. Thanks guys, Jordan
  4. They are both around $120. Ive heard bad things about the first generation DX10 cards. What do you guys think ?
  5. Hey I origonally had 2 sticks of Mushkin DDR400 PC3200 512mb they are rated at 2.5 volts. One of the burnt out and I ordered a replacement. The replacement runs at 2.6v. If you put that stick in along with the Mushkin one and set the bios voltage to 2.6 It runs fine without any errors in mem test. I am curious though it that will hurt it ? Thanks, Jordan
  6. Yeah the problem is my ConvertX is not the PVR version its later on the page. Never the less, thanks for the software link!
  7. okay say I do that and the card didn't come with any scheduling software. What would you sugjest ? Thanks, Ill check it out.
  8. Basically I want to make a poor-man TIVO setup. So I will split my cable that goes to my modem. I will have 1 end go to the modem then the other to a vcr. Then I will have my vcr hooked up to my Plextor ConvertX device. Now I need some kind of software which will automatically record from that device at a given schedule. The only software I have found is Replay AV and I can't get it to work right with my converter. Thanks, Jordan
  9. I read an article a while back about this. It mentioned some programs and what not but I didn't want to do anything because the article is about a year old . I just bought a HannsG HX191D 19in. flat panel and am wondering what things you all recommend for getting the most out of it. So far all I have done is change the font type in windows to clear type and made sure to use the DVI output instead of VGA on my video card. Anything else you recomend ? Thanks, Jordan
  10. I really need help right now. I need a undelete floppy program (FREE) Ive tried 5-10 already no luck
  11. Thanks for the list guys 1. Im not stupid, I don't install crap like your talking about lol 2. The problem with Linux and Mac is that pretty much 1% of game developers develop for Linux/Mac. And im NOT going to pay for some emulator. 3. I have to keep norton because my dad wants the parental controll
  12. So does anyone know of a good list of software (FREE PLEAS!!) that will aid in cleaning up your pc and boosting it's performance. I am currently running: Norton Internet Security 2005 Ad - Aware SE Spybot - Search & Destroy Anything else you guys recommend ?
  13. Hey what game do you guys think is the best RTS/FPS imo AA/CS:S hands down, you cant beat free and CS just owns
  14. -Eagle-

    Bf2 On Lindows

    is there any other programs besides cedega that will run bf2 on linux cuz cedega is 5$ / month <_<
  15. cool thanks guys, atm im going for the DSP500's
  16. Im either going to buy: audio 90's http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16826106014 PC150's http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16826106346 DSP500's http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16826106012 eDimensional Audio FX http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16836504001 or you guys could recomend me something better. I have a budget of around 50$ thanks
  17. Hey all im looking for a new strategy game, any suggestions my favorite series has been the Command and Conquer series.
  18. i just dont think the gore is neccesary, can someone confirm that u can take off the gore in Quake 4 also is the multiplayer worth buyin the game for
  19. can you turn off the gore in Q4 ?
  20. Im looking for a joy stick for BF2
  21. yeah i know, thats why i always ask the pros here
  22. ok well what I have decided to do is go with a XFX 128mb 6800 and clock it, my friend is going with a plain pci-e x800 they are cheap and can run HL2 on maxed out settings at 40fps btw thx for the replies
  23. i would go with a 6800 and then use riva tuner to unlock the extra shaders and pipelines thats what im doing
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