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  1. I got this in my email and thought it was pretty funny. Download: here
  2. Beverley


    One of those? Hmmm...I think we should talk, this could be interesting.
  3. You think people suing mcdonalds is bad? The craziest case that I have ever heard anyone win was the one about the guy driving a motor home and he set the cruise control and then left the drivers seat. Well, obviously it crashed. He then sued the motor home company because he said it didn't clearly state it in the manual that you couldn't do that. He won $1,750,000 and a new motor home. The company also had to change their manual so there would be no more confusion. I heard this on my radio so I don't know how true it is. If it is though, seriously, how dumb can people be? I would have been to embarassed to tell anyone about it.
  4. Beverley


    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Oh, and just ignore Matt, he's a little overprotective sometimes.
  5. Beverley


    HI! I am new to the forums. I don't know all of the technical lingo, but I'm trying to learn.
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