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  1. Voodoo didn't create SLI, but they were the first with the idea and I guess in a way co-developed it. What Voodoo did was that they used a logical circuit board to connect the two video cards together. Besides from what I understand that Voodoos never got the idea to work. NVidia on the other hand created a small card bridge that connects the two cards. They're using a math algorithm to share the work load and in the end give a very different performance.
  2. This statement is way of base. Alienware didn't invent SLI, Nvidia did. Alienware was going to develop something called Video Array. The main difference is that with SLI you have to use to NVidia based cards. With Video Array you can use any video card you want (AGP or PCIE) and get dual video card performance. I just can't wait till ATI comes up with there own solution.
  3. That's a pretty steep price for a system. Go for the 20.1" display's instead of 30". You don't need the ALX power cable. And you're really going to pay for games and software when your only looking for the machine? A little much?
  4. Alienware puts out awesome machines. It might be just "too main stream" "too off the shelf" for most of the members of this site, but I still choose them. I did the math; I know I could have put the exact system together for way less. I just didn't have the extra time or the patience to put another system together. And at the end of the day it
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