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  1. i like cool's story better... theres flying in it
  2. I told my friend i would backup and reformat his hdd but my only question is how do i boot from his hard drive? is there something i have to change before i can put his hd in my computer or anything i should know...? answers asap if possible i said i would start on this business tonight. thx!
  3. but they are the MAX... i thought that meant best!?!?!
  4. lol holo quit buyin accessories and update your mobo! you soooo said you would after the tagan. cmon now man do it. and if you are still doin referrals PM me.
  5. the cd is good but there are only a few songs that fit into the same category as "boulevard.." then theres alot of punk on there too. I enjoy the cd but just letting you know.
  6. Sony camera http://store.wawadigital.net/sods5dica.html i think canon is a better company but compare the one i listed with the sony please! its between those two for sure
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16830120153 its the canon a95. it looks good to me and my brother knows quite a bit about this kinda stuff but so do most of you so do you like it? thats about as expensive as im willing to go so if you have any other suggestions please let me know. thx
  8. if its broken.. i fix it . think of it as a challenge, lol. the more they break it the more you will have to learn to fix the computer. i have my own pc now that ive built and i let my parents get on here if they want.
  9. yep as far as i could research you are right. ive already changed to an asus board since that is just... too much for him. kinda wanna oem proc just to save a few bux or a mobo/cpu combo to save some money would be nice too.
  10. this is the board http://www.msicomputer.com/product/p_spec....mbo-FR&class=mb i had no idea it was a weird thing to be able to run both... yea screw that ill just get a different board. dunno what though.
  11. I dont understand the differences all that well and i was also wondering does DDR2 support dual channel? im getting a mobo that supports both and would it be better to get 1 gig ddr Dual or 1 gig DDR2 ??? freq is 400mhz on both
  12. http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/ go there and read about it. yes you can use many different accounts all at the same time on trillian. aim, yahoo, msn, icq. etc.
  13. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/Most_In...rs_-t51725.html first click there ^^^ read it somewhat thoroughly and then laugh at THIS yes i did make up cpns8700 or whatever i said but wow... its real... EDIT: wasnt trying to shoot anyone down who said it was a fake cuz i thought so too. i was looking if the 7700 would fit my brothers new build
  14. he needs a new computer and i was wondering what is a good vid card for video playback and encoding etc. good quality and what not my mom was talking to me earlier so yea that makes very littles sense now that i look at it. ya i have a leftover firewire port from my rig so im good there. EDIT: and links would be nice but are not required or anything EDIT2 : heres what i found http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16814102463 id like somethin like that but a tad cheaper? i already looked for the specific card a bit cheaper and a hard drive that can take constant +/- of data without dying. i may go with dual raptors but im working them in on the budget
  15. My bro wants me to build him a computer. its mostly for digtital video editing, its gonna be a p4 3.0 or 3.2. the rest ill help him with. the board im thinkin of is an msi board with pci-express. he has a limited budget so under 150 maybe even under 100 (usd). any other help with things i "have to have" for digital video editing would be nice. i dont know a whole lot about dv editing so any help would be appreciated. Thx!
  16. both jkd and kevin have mention about the only problems there could be. wipers are a simple thing
  17. you sir are a smart man, yea we have no idea what we are gonna do being apart for that long. i guess alot of weekend visits . the cinder blocks and egg crate things - good ideas ive never heard that. she has a good pc and tv and ill buy her some good speakers. agh shes here gtg thx!
  18. lol me and gunak are gonna go huntin... for ugh... bears. give us the knife!
  19. Im new as of whatever the date under my icon says. nice to meet you all
  20. My girlfriend is going to MTSU and I am stayin in chattanooga. She has never been out on her own like this so i want to get her some random things that are convenient and that are "must-haves" for living in the freshman dorms. I hear they suck, part of the reason im not going away for college (main reason = technical school nearby) To those of you who have been to college, are in college or just think you have a good idea let me know please! I have quite a bit of money im willing to spend on her as we have been dating almost 3 years. Onyks = In love She's not going away till august but i want to start a stockpile of things to bring along to college. What are the things that you cant live without when not home? The appliances are a given and there are also harsh guidlines so unless you know of a cheap place to buy appliances im good on those. Thanks for the help OCC!
  21. you cant stain a NAVY SEAL BLADE!!!! lol
  22. lol ill take it just take it as it is, its a gift. you think he wants you to stab somebody or somethin? i think its pretty cool though, a little odd for a gift. maybe he just gave you somethin he thought highly of. and dont stab anybody the government and cops and what not arent big fans of that.
  23. well um... EDIT: nvm im a retard, sorry
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