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  1. I love my Big Typhoon i idle at 26c and loads of no mroe then 33c to 34c.
  2. I think that plastic tthingy is there so when u mount the metal backplate it doesn't stick directly to the adesive pad so no biggy, i never added it.
  3. Ya thing cools so good fan shuts down at certain temp for me lol.
  4. Is there away from windows i can copy al my bios info and copy and paste it.
  5. I installed it wrong i used sponge and a metal backplate but didn't use the other plastic part thats goes on back should i take my mobo out agian for safty and install plastic part or leave it as is.
  6. Umm hmm i installed it with stuff they gave me with hsf but i think back bracket that came with DFI Ultra is more then capable of holding it. Tho is it possible my teamps have dropped even more and i set at 24c idle with 1.39v and my cpu at 2750mhz lol.
  7. I got it here right now looking at it, gonna install it later tonight and see if i can get to 3gig. Been as high as 2915mhz with stock it should be a hugh improvment.
  8. Ya i seen it is much rougher then my Volcano extreme 12.
  9. I read few people installing it with stock backplate, has anyone here done this and if so how does it perform is it safe or should i use all stuff came with hsf.
  10. I use 1.36v to get me to 2800mhz, well temp readings on my ultra-d say 33-34c idle and loads of like 45-46c liek today very hot out. Soon getting a Big typoone so i can keep my cpu at 2800mhz all time, i run 2.6ghz 24/7.
  11. Some Nice oc's here. . Been able to get my X2 3800+ Stable 1:1 up to 280x10 since my ram max is 280, 2x1gb PC4000 XP ram from Mushkin i'm using stock cooling and volts on mine at 2600mhz right now but can go all way tp to 2800mhz without any probs was able to do a cpu-z verifcation at 2915mhz using a divider onei get's my new hsf ma go higher. http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc?id=78652 1.36v http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=79170 1.39v i should of takin a ss well later today.
  12. Installed it and used file says same voltage 1.36v, but set at 1.375v. Could it be a psu issue.
  13. I use speedfan and Smartquardian. I thought guy u made MBM5 stopped updating it while ago.
  14. I set my voltage to 1.375 in nios and when ui get to windows everything shows as 1.36v, could it be a proble waiting to happen or just not reading bios right. But when i check Hardware monitor it says 1.375v so i'm stumped
  15. Ahah ya. Installed this amd patch i found on there site seems to fix it.
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