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  1. I currently am looking to buy the Corsair TWINX (2x512) PC3200 C2 ram. I also have two choices. Eitehr to get the TCCD one or the "new" winbound UTT Bh5. I dont know which to get, can someone plz outlike the differences and such? My mobo will only let vdimm get up to 3.3v. I am hoping to get at least 250mhz at 1:1 with my o/c CPU. My system temp is 29'c if that helps (if ram needs extra cooling?) What are TCCD capable of doing at what timings? And what are the new Winboudn UTT Bh5 capable of doing? I know they love high voltages but why is this winbound so popular now? They needs lots of voltages...but the TCCD takes less and gets higher MHZ doesnt it? Thnks in advance, fire EDIT: I have a Intel system (P4 2.8) so do timings matter on intels? or was it on AMD that they dont matter..?
  2. Ok i might get the UTT, but to get 250mh+ ill hav to go oevr 3v. Will this shorten the RAM's life? And cooling? What if i got fans adn my system temp is usually 29'c..ialso got a Zalman 7000B alcu close by whihc is cooling my CPU. Will it be safe to have the new UTT B5 at 3.3v 24/7? Or on that volatge everytime i use my computer? (avergae 10hrs a day)....i dont want to kill this ram to geta good o/c
  3. dang. and up to what mhz? Will too much voltage kill it/shorten its life?
  4. dang tahst too much voltage. i dont want to risk killling it/shorten its life or void the warentee (up to 2.9v). What can it do at 2.9V?
  5. Well my local pc shop is selling the Corsair TWINX 1G PC3200 C2 REV 1.5. Ive gathered that these are new chips and are " CMX512 3200C2PT v1.5 0512148-0 = Winbond -5 Rev B UTT" So i would like to know before i buy, how for has UTT -5 Rev B know to O/C and on what volts and timmings? Or is this chip kidna new?
  6. Yeh ok. Ill prob go with 2.1 but are 5.1 for gaming really sound much better? Casue i dont see how i will place them 5.1 speakers correctly. ill have to stick them up walls and whatnot.
  7. I am currently using the onboard sound on my mobo. I think its sounds ok..though why do i need a PC AUDIO CARD? Why do people get one? Also i currently use 2 frikken huge cheap crap speakers that ive been suing with my computers ever since 1998! So i am looking to buy some new speakers. Can someone recommend me some brands or models? And whats best for bucks etc. Cause i know NOTHING about em. Also would i need a PC AUDIO CARD to get most out of my new speakers?? Do i need 5.1? My family's got a Theratre TV with full on 5.1 . downstiars so i dont really think i need 5.1 for computing, but if 5.1 is like best for bucks, recommened me some. Also i dont want to spend more then 200$ AUST MAX..
  8. Well ive read around forums that the bigger the case the better airflow? is this true? CAsue ive been beliveing the opposite. Like if you think about it, the Antec Super Lanboy is small. Its has a 12cm intake and 12cm exhaust. The case is so small, cool air goes in and it gets sucked out stright away, meaning there is awlays cool air. Though my vision of a larger case is that the 12cm intake takes cool air in, but the case is so big that the cool air looses its cool while lurking about it the huge space...like i think that the insatnt in and instant out is a better cooling idea? so that means smaller case are better??? but then all the good cases (shark,tsunami etc) are big cases ???
  9. but how does folding help people. i dont get it.
  10. WHAT? this si to help computers? do computers get diease...:S
  11. If i have a P4 3.5 (250MHZ) and stick this PC3200 in (200MHZ), what will happen? Will the ram underclock adn go 5:4 or such dividers, or it will auto o/c to 250MHZ if possible? What happens if it cant o/c to 250mhz, along with my 3.5 to go 1:1?? Lets say the PC3200 is only able to get to about i dunno, a little below 250, how about 230??
  12. my HD gets up to 32'c MAX. Is this fine? SO if i should have 1 blow indo HD adn another blow air under, ill put 1 on first row,m anoterh on second row.
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