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  1. not really sure if anyone would be interested but I need cash to get a camera but Looking to sell my Hayabusa Pro Size Thai Pads ~$100 and Hayabusa Pro Shin-Instep Guards size: S/M ~$35 Both have been used less than 10 times I'll get pics later
  2. 1nub

    new sytem

    yeah i switched to the x58a ud3r and im also getting the i930 @ microcenter, I'll post pics of this once I go back home since all the parts should be there by mid next week :]
  3. 1nub

    Say Something About The User

    he likes his taco's
  4. 1nub

    C++ Help

    I dislike programming
  5. 1nub

    C++ Help

    I thought I already had my names in strings when I run the program all the names show up correctly?
  6. 1nub

    C++ Help

    are you talking about my int scores array or my int total array
  7. 1nub

    C++ Help

    http://pastebin.com/683RZpfZ This is my source code http://www.aww-kittah-aww.com/up/files/3250/input4.txt and thats my input file
  8. 1nub

    C++ Help

    Hey guys I'm doing an assignment for my programming class how would I do a function that uses array's to process calculations? I need to get the student's total, program average(first three scores), test average(last three scores) and course average(total/6). So i was thinking i'd set up a loop that would be like for(int col = 0; col<6 ; col++) for the total for(int col = 0; col<3 ; col++) for the program average for(int col = 3; col<6 ; col++) for the test after that i'm lost... its just six scores like 98 89 75 95 86 97 for the student's grades but the values for my totals and averages have to be like this int total[40] and then two for loops float averages[40][3] and then two for loops I don't know why I'm using 40 but that's what it said in my assignment. Also since I have to use arrays for my total/averages how would I go about it since my scores are coming from a text file. I'm really stuck right now. :/
  9. 1nub

    new sytem

    I think this will be what the order will look like most likely? Anything that should be changed or re-looked at?
  10. 1nub

    new sytem

    would just one 5870 be good enough for video editing, photoshop, games etc. or should I go with something else and get crossfire or SLI with ?
  11. 1nub

    new sytem

    yeah I might I live right next to it hahha
  12. 1nub

    new sytem

    I dont have any of those items those are just items that I have been looking into
  13. 1nub

    new sytem

    Hey I'm looking to get a new desktop in like 2-3 weeks My budget is in the range of 1500-2000 I was looking for something that I can use to play DX11 and then some photoshop cs5 stuff, I already have two 24" monitor's for the build. Most likely get an SLI or crossfire setup. This is what I have so far i7 930 antec 1200 corsair 750tx intel x25 80gb ssd wd 1tb black hdd samsung lightscribe dvd burner not really sure on what gpu, mobo and ram I should get for this setup, also what cooling would you recommend for it? thanks
  14. 1nub

    What song was #1 on the day you were born.

    US,AUS, and UK all 3 - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - Bryan Adams
  15. 1nub

    new laptop

    I plan on leaving it hooked up most the time to the charger