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  1. I love everything except for the mobo, id say dfi nf4 ultra-D or dfi nf4 sli-dr if u gonna SLI
  2. I dont like it and i dont like jetway, just wait until the new DFI NF4 boards come out..
  3. Hmm i have a dfi set and it pisses on MSI from my oppinion Id get.. DFI NF4 Ultra-D AMD 3200 venice A descent 6600GT 520watt PSU *OCZ* just to make sure u get enough power*
  4. Difference? the ut version of SLI-DR gives u all the other extra gear such as, a carry bag.. all that stuff. DFI = best for overclocking.. infact best board ever made, plz argue with me. ASUS SLI = good, until u overclock *from expierence at a friends*
  5. 1. DFI NF4 Ultra-D * is non SLI but can be moded * so id say SLI-DR 2. FX-57 Processor *fx-57 is a piece of . only 200mhz faster or something* so i suggest amd 64x2 4800+ 3. 2x 7800gtx's in SLI 4. I dont know why u have processor twice, but I'll replace it with "RAM". Mushkin Redline or gskill 4800, depending on if you want real high 300+mhz 1:1(gskill) or 260-270 tight timings(Redline). AGREED and some nice OCZ ram would be a better option SIDE NOTE: keep away from value ram when working with DFI.
  6. Im on dfi forums for most of my night time, do not go with there new 939 nf3 mobo, it has way to many problems, even the technician said that its a big risk. *bios issues*, id grab the msi neo 2 and a 3200 venice, and a sata hard drive. i dont no your currency to well so excuse if im over the budget . EDIT: ocz psu for sure i aint to sure if u have ram, cant remember but id say OCZ or g.skill
  7. fx-57 turned out to be crap, a fx-55 would just own it and has been done already, cause the fx-57 failed to be stable @ 3.2ghz :\
  8. agreed, MSI just sux, id get the nf3 socket 939 from DFI if u had PCI-E id say nf4 ultra-D
  9. DFI seems to be running best with 64x2, im yet to find out for myself =), but yeah just a bios flash and its all good.
  10. Only if u really want dual channel and later upgrades, otherwise its pointless, but id go 939 for the later upgrades.
  11. i wouldnt not get that asus ever... not ever, better off with a dfi nf4 sli-dr , i wouldnt get corsair ram.. ever .. ever... ever, be better off with OCZ pc3000 2-2-2-5, a floppy drive would be good so u can flash your bios for 64x2 support, unless u wanna do it through cd.
  12. drago

    Folding Question

    Is there a link to this folding thing? i really dont understand it :S
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