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    Its all about summoning demons and sweet axes.
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    P4 prescott 3.2ghz @ 3.87 with HT
    Asus p5ad2 premium mobo 925x chipset
    PDP XBLK,1Gb(2x512) 533mhz ddr2
    Radeon x700 pro
    2x80gb WDs in raid 0
    Plextor 712SA dvd burner

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    Comp hardware//buying hardware...roleplaying,anime,manga, and all the other nerdy/geeky stuff :s
  1. Yea:) i did that earlier this morning, i just gotta hope it will work if the time comes to use it , i see no reason it wont work luckily
  2. Activated just fine, thx guys. Now the trouble comes when it pulls this crap again lol
  3. ah , i thought the keys were one time use things well ill try it in the morning when im not tired..and pissed lol ill post when i have results ,thx
  4. so u think my old key should work fine? I figured it wouldnt work since its already been used.. i obviously havent tried it yet
  5. So i've been using my desktop for a couple years now with my copy of xp workin seemlesslly(or at least as much as xp can). Recentally ive only used it for burnin dvds since ive been using my laptop as my main comp...anyways long story short.I turn on my desktop today to find a suprise, a window saying that my hardware has changed since I last installed windows and i need to activate it again.What fun, after all I havent touched the inside of my computer in more than half a year. Anyone have ANY idea about how this could have happend? Or a way to solve it minus the activation? Id like to try anything i can before i result to having to activate it again(im not even sure if i will be able to if i have to lol) As I said before I havent touched the inside of my comp in forever, the last non dvd burning thing i did to it was ccleaner, but i dont see how that would do this. help.....plz lol I dont even know if microsoft would fix this for me over the phone, if someone knew the answer to that too id be happy.
  6. maybe thats why theyre made daily? heh
  7. freedom The best part about Mmos is being able to explore the game without being constrained by rules.
  8. When i updated my vid cards bios it switched to the windows drivers and i had trouble scrolling.Downloaded the newest nvidia drivers installed and the scrolling was fixed. But your problem is only OCC so i guess thats not relevant :s
  9. when mine freezes up it doesnt crash it just stops working for a maybe 2-10 seconds.The loady circle stops moving and i cant press any buttons but it doesnt affect windows or any other programs i have.If I wait it will unfreeze and continue doing whatever it was doin It didnt start doin this till 1.5...Id say with so many ppl with these problems its definately something related to firefox and not our computers having old copies of windows (mine is less than a year old lol). Meh i still vote FF number 1 : P
  11. I was having trouble too so i uninstalled it all and reinstalled it.Fixed the crashing problem. I only get a couple freeze ups once in awhile but it hasnt crashed yet.
  12. omg,i havent laughed like that in months : D
  13. my N15 did 461/1200 out of the box Not the best but im on stock cooling and i think i may have gotten a "cripple" OC wise
  14. Time is off by an hour for me here in cali
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