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  1. I would not wait, personally. Get an SLI capable board and just one 6800-series SLI-capable card for now. Then, later on, when more apps and games are supported in the NVidia drivers, go ahead and purchase the second vid card. Remember than most games will only use one GPU right now...and you will get 2X the framerates with a 6800U compared to a 6600GT if they aren't both running. GL!!
  2. I'll give you $95 for it if you pay the shipping!
  3. The PCCHIPS MOBO is the Yugo of motherboards. It may not be able to handle the Prescott with that flyweight PSU in there... So the thing to do is to install a good Antec 430w or something like that, and go from there. If the MOBO needs replaced, then the MOBO needs replaced. But with a crappy PSU there's no way to be sure if that is the problem. So swap the PSU first.
  4. It is like Apt-Get on steroids. It's a package manager/installer that does a pretty good job of cleaning up the symlinks, dependencies and orphans it creates while installing things; it will also install added .libs and whatnot that a new app might depend on. I highly recommend it.
  5. You'll need to install Motherboard Monitor 5 to keep an eye on your rails... With 12 fans going you may be stressing that PSU out badly. But if it looks pretty strong, you might just make 3400MHz with that setup!!
  6. Add in another $20 for the 120mm blowhole mod...you'd need it with that setup. Too funky for my tastes, but that is just my $0.02 and YMMV!
  7. Probably got all the way up to 15fps in Doom III and 17fps in HL2...
  8. The best idea I can come up with in this case would be to buy another 24-to-20-pin adapter and make it longer, one pin at a time, until there is 18" or so between the MOBO plug and the adapter plug... That would make hiding it a snap. Nice CPU cooler, BTW!! Chills out the entire MOBO, too, doesn't it? But, yeah...other than that it looks pretty good. Here is an unsolicited tip, though... When settingup a PC, NEVER put any drives in the uppermost drive bay. Not only does this usually result in early failure for that poor drive due to overheating, if you leave that bay open there is a lovely little space to bundle all of your spare PSU wiring into... So it benefits you quite nicely on two different levels. And, better yet, it leaves plenty of room for a phat 120mm blowhole fan, too. B:)
  9. This is what it would cost for shipping to my place... FedEx Ground (1-5 days) $23.45 FedEx Express Saver (3 days) $61.85 FedEx 2 Day (2 days) $70.95 FedEx Overnight (Next Day) $103.50 USPS Priority Mail (2-3 days) $56.05 USPS Express Mail (1-2 days) $70.45 Oh HELL NO. I'd spend $15 LESS and get one of these Thermaltakes (shipping is FREE!) from Directron ($103-$104); the one on top is what my sig rig wears, and the lower one houses my GF's rig.
  10. Well, I have set up many 800MHz-1GHz PIII Coppermine machines with XP; it does fine with >256MB of RAM and is preferable to any other OS--IF the drive is formatted with NTFS, that is. Then turn off most of the XP eyecandy, leaving enough so that it still looks like XP, and your PC will be nearly as fast (but LOTS more stable) than Win98 on the same rig. I'm wondering if that 64MB stick of RAM is PC133 or PC100...the system will run fine without it if it is detecting all the ram as PC100 because of it. Try the Everest system info tool to find out for sure what it really is you have there.
  11. That isn't the half of it!! Not only does the tar stick to everything, but it also happens to be quite conductive. Short Circuits all around!!! Yum yum.
  12. That's an easy one. Just remember to use heavy tape on the case first, and be sure to measure twice before you cut!!
  13. So essentially what you are saying is that 'might makes right', and when this territory was stolen from them to carve out the State Of Israel, they should have just said "Aw, Shucks" and walked away? That their claims to the entire region that was formerly their homeland should have instantly been rendered null and void because 'we' wanted it that way? If it hadn't been for hegemony on the part of the US at the time, Israel would never have come into existance in the first place. I imagine the Arabs would have wanted to retain their mosques in Jerusalem, don't you? If you can manage to view this objectively for a moment, you might conclude that Israel was simply prolonging a needless slaughter of innocents by exercising what they felt was their "right" to lands they did not have any claim to whatsoever fifty years ago. After all, how many little kids got blown away so Israel could 'control' the Gaza Strip? And for what...so they could decide later to just walk away from it. All I can say is, it's lucky for them that history is written by the winners; otherwise the judgement against Israel would be danging indeed. It's almost like the US Government walking away from the War On Americans Who Use Pot. How justifiable would the two million citizen-prisoners be in light of that paradigm shift? Peace out.
  14. Linksys could have better Linux support for their WL gear, but they don't. The best idea when getting started with any *Nix distro is to check up on the component maker's websites regarding Linux driver availability and compatibility issues before trying to use the PC win a non-M$ OS. No one wants to try running a WinModem under Mandrake, and this is almost the same thing since it is supported only for Windoze by the maker. You can probably get it working but it will probably still give you problems. Most folks either go with known-compatible products or they use a wired network under Linux. That's what I do, anyway! GL
  15. I always liked 'em long... My strategy is to keep the to 5 1/2" bay empty (for heat dissipation as well as wire management) and run the whole mess from the PSU straight into it. Then I peel the connectors off to the proper lengths and anchor the main bundle to the drive cage temporarily with a twist-tie. This results in a sweetly-looped ATX cable bundle that, when twisted properly, arches up to the top of the case and drops directly into the ATX plug itself. Very nice. O/C, if you want to cut the wires, you can...but that'll surely void the warranty. GL!!
  16. Ruenin, are those rear Coolermasters set as intakes? Have you tried reversing them? Running the front and sides as intakes and the rear and top as exhausts will usually bring the temps down even further. Nice job, BTW!!
  17. Not to diss Gravy's generous offer in any way, but the Zalman CNPS7700-Cu cooler I use stays within 1C of the XP-120 with about 1/4 of the fan noise. Plus it has the added benefit of all the flowthrough air, which cools the entire motherboard and turns the NB's passive cooler into an active one! Chills my RAM out nicely, too. It dropped my MOBO temps by several degrees and my 3GHz Prescott now idles at under 30C! The highest I have seen it run so far, on full load, is 42C. It cost $44 shipped from ZipZoomFly, and with AS Ceramique it's really one of the best solutions on the market. The XP-120 is lighter, though, so if many LAN parties are in your future you may be better off with it instead. GL!
  18. Thermaltake makes some of the best cases on the market, especially for the price... However, the two things to NEVER buy from Thermaltake: PSU's and any type of CPU cooling. Hell, I guarantee my 'little' 120mm Zalman CNPS7700-Cu will do a better job of cooling than that...thing. Some other Tt Blunders: The Beetle (the HORROR) The Tower (LEANING Tower, perhaps?!?) And now...this. Words fail me.
  19. This has more to do with chipsets and profiting from waste, IMHO. IIRC, Intel is selling Dell the standard P4 procs at about a 0.5% markup...which barely covers the shipping costs to get them to the assembly plants. Intel also sell them the chipsets at a similar price point. But since they are selling them Celerons at a much better profit margin, the sheer volume of crippled Celerons Dell and the other OEM's take off Intel's hands (after all, how many geeks would put a Celery in a REAL PC?!?) means they manage to turn a tidy profit on broken CPU's. If Intel's chip-die fabrication loss rate ever goes below 10% or so on P4's, they'll end up losing money on the deal. And then AMD will be on a level playing field. Until then, it's Business As Usual.
  20. Okay, this is an easy request: Get a Thermaltake Xaser V case and an Antec 480w Truepower or a 550w model. Then grab a matched set of 512MB Corsair XMS sticks, a decent-sized hard drive and one $30 CD-ROM. Get a floppy drive if you decide on a SATA HDD; wait till later for that if you go IDE. Get yourself a 6800GT or 6600GT vid card and a copy of XP, if you don't already have one. Then a decent SKT 939 mainboard and the fastest CPU you can afford for it are really all you need. See? Easy!! PS. CAPS LOCK SHOULD ALWAYS BE OFF WHILE POSTING IN POLITE COMPANY.
  21. Only 3 weeks old, male ACD pup...he'll be coming home around the 28th of March.
  22. fastvfr

    Dep And Ut2004

    Well, let's change that a little: "As long as you have an AV app AND NEVER USE IE, you should be fine!" DEP is supposed to help cut down on drive-by installs of malware.
  23. fastvfr

    Unreal Tournament

    No telling. Does it do that every time? Had your PC been running for days beforehand? Mine has never done that with the Demo or Full versions of UT2004...and it is one of the most often played games around here! BTW, if you like the demo at all, the Full version is more than worth the $20 or so...
  24. That PSU is toast. Thermaltake makes some fantastic cases, but they just rebrand POS SuperFlower models for their PSU's... I'll bet that Antec 550 won't drop the fan speeds!!! GL
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