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  1. USB ports, from Rev. 1.1 on, have 500mA available per port, peak power. I try to stay below that a bit to avoid stressing the MOBO's power circuitry. If you need more juice, you could just use an external USB hub with its own power brick. And to test, I'd use a PCI USB solution to avoid messing up your board's Root Hubs.
  2. 200 pounds Sterling comes out to $383 USD, people!! Get a GeForce 6800GT and all will be well, all will be well and all manner of things will be well!! BTW, why don't you all bookmark this little site right here: http://www.xe.com/ucc/ You'll likely find it just as useful as the rest of the world does. Peace
  3. I'll be the first to say that Reading TFM is of the essence for Linux N00Bs. Another good idea is to join a forum like LinuxQuestions.org, as you can usually find that someone has already with your problem and you can lurk about while reading the solutions others gave. One rule of thumb: learn to research on your own for at least 24 hours on your own before you ask anything...that avoids the risk of asking dumb, basic questions and that helps you keep the resident Gurus there on your side. Most of them won't help those who will not help themselves. Linux is good for you, as you will learn scads about how Windows does its thing... BTW, I have zero problems in XP simply because I make Restore Points and export copies of my registry to archive once in a while...
  4. +1. Just use your DSL modem's Ethernet capability to run into a router (NOT a hub) with NAT filtering, then run CAT5 to each machine from there. That way, when any connected PC is on, it can connect to the Web and is protected by the HW firewall. There are few good reasons to have two NICs in a PC, honestly. GL!
  5. I'm running that exact PSU on my sig rig...and these are what the volts look like, regardless of the rail amperage: It should be plenty for you...I have almost a dozen fans and it has power to spare for me!!
  6. That is very likely the cause. I am 99.8% sure of it. What else could it be, if his NVidia card isn't defective?!? That 6800NU is 3X the card that 9700 is...so either he b0rked his driver install, or never used Driver Cleaner. Or, as already stated, he drinks WAAAAY too much Robitussin!!
  7. This happened to me occasionally until I got sick of it and upgraded. I got a 19" Pro-View CRT monitor, and it'll display up to 1600x1280. Normally $199, I got it on sale for $170 with a $50 Mail-In Rebate. So I got a 19" monitor for just over $120. Maybe that would work for you? Hope so. Good luck.
  8. I suggest running without the new stick of RAM for a little while to see if the problem stops. If it does, then it just isn't compatible with something....either the BIOS or the other RAM.
  9. Sorry, guys. Way off. All that 'deleting' a proggie does is remove the Start and Stop bits from the disk, so the OS can no longer see them. Why do you suppose those Undelete apps work as they do? It takes more than TWENTY-FIVE PASSES with Autoclave, erasing and writing 1's and 0's then erasing again to wipe a disk so that the NSA cannot retrieve data from it anymore. And yes, it takes every bit as much time to overwrite an app's disk space with random data as it does to install it in the first place. Due to these factors, the only hard drive that you can be CERTAIN cannot have data successfully recovered from it is either brand-new...or a smoking puddle of melted slag!!
  10. Nein! Nein!! Der Hassenpheffer ist ein essen!! Now THERE'S some butchery!!
  11. fastvfr

    Wireless Help

    Step 1: Either check the spec sheet or run Windows with Everest to determine the brand of WL gear in there. Step 2: Go to that manufacturer's web site and check for Linux support. Step 3: Bang head on wall when you discover your WL chip is supported only in Windoze. Hopefully you can skip Step 3!!
  12. I don't think it likes your module. Are you sure it is compatible with the kernel you are running? Is there an unmet dependency of a .lib that is missing? That's sort of nasty, guy!
  13. Sounds like you have something in BIOS set incorrectly for the kernel. What version of Knoppix were you using? I have never had any version of it choke on an eth0 or a vid card...well, it hates my 5900U but using a frame buffer (fb1280x1024) gets it running NP. GL
  14. I use Asus MOBOs, but I have always avoided their vid cards. And, now I also avoid their cases! Quote from xaeniac 2/18/2005 8:25:12 PM: "This case brings me back to the photon torpedo days. It reminds me of Star Trek. It's front intakes makes my computer go warpspeed. I can hardly contain myself on the sleekness and aerodynamics of this case. All the air goes around it and the intakes suck in all the cold air. If you are a true pc enthusiast look no further than the asus vento 3600. Scotty, Warp factor 10. Engage!!" 'Nuff said.
  15. 58C IDLE!!! Holy hannah! Give that man a Not a bad choice of thermal grease, though Ceramique works better and costs less. BTW, my rig idles at 29C and maxes out at 42C with this HS. Here's a screenie of my temps: And from Everest: Good luck, man!!
  16. I just decided to install one of these... Very nearly as cool, with a lower pice tag and far easier installation. I wouldn't get an XP-120 unless portability was a huge issue, or unless that 1C drop in temps would actually make a difference. And I'd never install it into a case that lacked a removable MOBO tray!
  17. Link to story... "The Department of Homeland Security has named Claria, an adware maker that online publishers once dubbed a "parasite," to a federal privacy advisory board. An executive from Claria, formerly called Gator, will be one of 20 members of the committee, the department said Wednesday. "This committee will provide the department with important recommendations on how to further the department's mission while protecting the privacy of personally identifiable information of citizens and visitors of the United States," Nuala O'Connor Kelly, the department's chief privacy officer, said in a statement. Claria bundles its pop-up advertising software with ad-supported networks such as Kazaa. Recently, the privately held company has been trying to seek credibility by following stricter privacy guidelines and offering behavioral profiling services to its partners. In an e-mail message to CNET News.com, Kelly defended the inclusion of a Claria representative on the committee. "I am proud of, supportive of and grateful for those individuals in the public and private sector who are willing to take on the hard tasks, fight the good fight, and who surprise us with creative, fresh and unconventional thinking, and who make change where change is needed through their hard work and personal dedication," Kelly said. In the past, Claria's pop-up ad software has riled some users who claimed it was annoying, installed without permission, and not easy to delete. Publishers also were irked about pop-up ads for a rival's product appearing next to their own Web sites. Catalog retailer L.L. Bean sued Gator for alleged trademark infringement. Claria's representative on the Homeland Security privacy board is company Vice President D. Reed Freeman, a former Federal Trade Commission staff attorney. Other members include executives from Intel, Computer Associates International, IBM, Oracle and the Cato Institute. Kelly said Freeman will "bring his courage and conviction to the board, and will contribute productively--and constructively--to the board's and the public's dialogue on privacy and homeland security." The committee is tasked with providing "external expert advice to the secretary and the chief privacy officer on programmatic, policy, operational and technological issues that affect privacy, data integrity and data interoperability." In February 2003, Gator settled a high-profile case brought by The Washington Post, The New York Times, Dow Jones and other media companies. Terms of that deal were quiet, but Claria appears to have stopped delivering pop-ups to those publishers' sites. " W. T. F.....
  18. You could always give CPUFSB a shot... That might help...or it might not. Either way, you can say you tried.
  19. I believe it has to do with the HID's somehow taking power needed for the IDE controller. It happens on some MOBO's.
  20. If the AGP card is an ATI branded card, use an NVidia PCI card; with an NVidia AGP card, use a Matrox or ATI PCI card. That way the flash won't find the wrong card.
  21. It can be slightly faster to run 4x256MB, due to the lower latencies, but IMHO it isn't worth the added risk of running twice the DIMMs.
  22. fastvfr

    Agp 4x

    Go buy a dang $3000 car. Then go buy $2000 in PC parts. Then go buy $1500 worth of games. Then either go for a drive or game to your little heart's content!!! BTW, parents suck. Most seem to think that's their only job; real parenting takes work and Americans are lazy, so they react instead of thinking. So you have to beat them at their own game; why not just unplug your HDD cable and show them the "NO OS Found" error? See, that obvoiusly means your PC is dead as a doornail, hence your grades will plummet if you don't get a new PC to do research with, hence you get to spend some of your accumulated wealth on an uber-rig. If they threaten to take it to a shop for you break a few caps on the old MOBO and use it in the case. Reverse-reverse-reverse psychology, my young friend!
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