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  1. Should be a simple matter of Mounting the hda(x), but don't try writing or changing anything on them!! For safety's sake, set them to be RO even when you are logged in as Root.
  2. GAG gets my vote, too. Simple and powerful. What could be better?
  3. Good for you! Personally, I don't think I can ever make the switch entirely, since I play too many DX-based games that I can't run on Linux. BUT...if/when a distro is released that emulates DX9.0c, I Am There. For now, though, I just use Linux to surf the Web, edit photos in GIMP, and run my firewall.
  4. KM, they are both mid-towers, but theV7000A is a bit roomier, as the Xaser III Skull has a removable MOBO tray and the USB's run to the front rather than the top. Still, I have a HUGE Zalman CNPS7700-Cu in there on my Prescott, so it isn't real small, either!! Both are as roomy as I have ever needed a case to be for my uses. The Xaser V is about 1.5" taller than my Skull case, is all.
  5. Replacement power and reset switches can be fairly expensive, and then you will most likely get to do some modding to get them to fit...so unless that case is a collector's item, I'd just get a new one to replace it with. Other than that, you could ask around for a used POS PC with a similar set of swtiches you could try to modify for use in your case. GL
  6. 1. You bet. That one might be just waiting for an opportunity to burn your house down. 2. Aw, pipe down, sonny...it take all of ten minutes, start to finish--INCLUDING cable management. 3. It certainly should...but if you get a newer ATX 2.0 standard model, you'll need a 'splitter' to turn the 24-pin plug into the 20- & 4-pin scheme your board requires. Seriously, guy, swapping out a PSU is NOT a big deal. Just don't drop it on the MOBO and you'll be fine!!
  7. Sounds like it hated your RAM!! Or, it was just a defective POS from the getgo....I guess either is a possiblity. Better luck next time, guy!
  8. I grabbed a ProView 19" CRT a few months ago; it was $179 but there was a $50 MIR, so after I got that it was a $130, 1600x1200 dream come true!! But with my 5900U, I usually just use 1280x1024 for a balance of beauty and power... <_<
  9. I agree...sounds like the vid is drawing too much juice and the card is shutting itself down to prevent damaging itself. Try a different monitor first, but I can almost guarantee you'll be needing a new Antec or Enermax 480w-550w PSU soon!
  10. For reasons of both maximum thermal efficiency and also for ease of hiding cables, I route everything from the top (or front) of the case (if it has front/top audio, 1394 and USB) and the PSU directly into the top 5.25" bay and secure them loosely in a big bundle with a fat black cable tie. Then I run the various leads down the backside of the drive cages (remove both sidepanels to do this properly) until they are as near as possible to their destinations, then plug them in. Lastly, I fully secure the main cable tie and use smaller ties to 'bunch' the spare lengths of wire together, out of the way, in the top drive bay. A couple more secure the cabling to the back side of the drive cages. It can be as simple as that, my friend. Good luck, and Happy Modding!!
  11. I think these are a bit cramped, and the lack of a removable MOBO tray is a lousy feature; IMHO EVERY case should have one. Other than that, hey...it's a Thermaltake!! ALL Thermaltakes are good in their own way....some are just better than others. Personally, I suggested that he invest in a nice Xaser, or even a Damier, but that's just me.
  12. My sig rig's case -- $102 shipped!! Or, you could try my GF's case -- $89 + shipping. Both are worth every penny and come in at your budget limit. Plus, they aren't ghey.
  13. Why are you concerned about the BTX form factor at all? BTW, I only use Thermaltake cases myself, but I couldn't tell you if they are in any way compatible with Intel's BTX FF.
  14. As was said, that PSU is fine. The rails are ABOVE their rated values, guy! What more could you ask for?!? I see this problem occasionally. Try changing the jumpers on the optical drives from MA and SL to CS (or vice versa) and try a different IDE cable if that doesn't help. Sounds like a hardware issue to me. Could be that the BIOS is setting the optical at the SL position to the Bootable CD Drive, as well. Check to make sure that isn't the case. Good luck.
  15. And running Motherboard Monitor 5 as well as Everest for a good 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) opinion isn't a bad idea, either.
  16. Might as well get one of these...you'll need it all anyway.
  17. Inu, begging your pardon, but I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one. While the AGP 8X slot may not be the 'newest thing', the fact remains that its available bandwidth has never been saturated by any video card to date. And while the PCIe interface may indeed become necessary for the dual-GPU'ed, 512MB DDR4 cards moving 60GB/s that are coming to run at their best, for now the AGP interface does not bottleneck the newest cards in any way; so the AGP 8X slot offers the same performance levels as PCIe. For now. I am going to get an AGP 6800 of some kind soon to allow me to put my 5900U into the GF's rig; I will get a PCIe board when I shift up to a 64-bit CPU. Until then, it's AGP all the way for me!!
  18. Besides, with their 64-bit RAM interface, the 256MB cards can actually be slower than the 128MB cards!
  19. Testor's Chrome spray paint will work well in this application, also. It is a lot cheaper and is less fragile to boot.
  20. I wonder why AS's hypothesis has not been borne out too well in real life? I get cooler temps with Ceramique, and so does everyone I know and so have all the reviewers I have seen. And it certainly isn't because Ceramique is easier to spread or anything!! This stuff is like cold peanut butter... BTW, it is mineral oil that can be used in a pinch as a TIM...I have done so on several occasions on older POS machines that needed the old TIM cleaned and nothing better was handy. That was a long time ago, however...back when I still used AS3, in fact. I never tried ketchup. Maybe someone ought to do a review!!! "AS5 vs. Ceramique vs. Heinz....."
  21. That's one reason why I moved to Oregon...the climate agrees with my lifestyle. Daytime temps in the 40's and 50's all winter (perfect for gold prospecting), then 90F summer temps--with <15% humidity. Oh, and two years ago I saw a mosquito. We actually had snow once about three months ago, too! It lasted for about an hour and a half....then the sun came out and it was 45F... Sorry. I'll stop now.
  22. Yeah, I know...I was just trying to save his feet!!
  23. I agree with ccokeman on this one. A bit of paint and some clearcoat will make that case a real stunner, if properly applied. Good job.
  24. http://www.dutchguard.com/products/Cold_Solder_Set.html
  25. Maybe it's MY time of the month, b/c all I can think of to say is, "Dude!! That's like running Premium Hi-Test in a Yugo!!" If you get even two extra FPS out of it, it would be a miracle of the highest order.
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