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  1. You could try using Driver Cleaner in Safe Mode to wipe the drive clean of any Catalyst remnants and reinstall the card. Another good idea is to rip and reinstall 3DMark. Lastly, check System Information (Proggies> Access.> Sys Tools>) for IRQ conflicts...if it is sharing a spot with a USB port and your sound card, this is what happens. In that case, move the sound card up or down a slot. GL!
  2. The only PC part I have that I don't want is an old Intel i75 Pentium CPU!!! And it's nothing to look at, though it still works as well as it ever did... Sorry, pardner. Maybe someone else can be more helpful.
  3. Not bad at all, Domer_und. If you could swing another $120 or so you could get a 6800GT which would future-proof your graphics for you much more decisively, but that system will play any game out now very well indeed. Good luck with it!
  4. Make sure it is thick enough. If it is a slimline type, there will not be enough room for the PSU and the MOBO to install opposite each other, which can cause problems. BTW, PVC is lighter and easier to cut...and you'll need to cut several precise holes for the PSU, drives, and MOBO I/O ports as well as those for the fans, drive/power LED's and switches. Try cutting the holes slightly undersize and enlarging them as needed with a rasp, coarse file or a Dremel....that will make for a more professional-looking finished product.
  5. Most any welding shop has good sources of flat and bar stock. Start your search with them.
  6. Most of us here are savvy enough to have switched to a Mozilla product or MyIE2 years ago and we converted most of our friends and relatives away from IE in the years since then. However, polls show that from 80% to 85% of people still use IE to surf the web...and that is just plain dumb. This should explain why you need to switch, if you have any doubts--or if you know someone who needs extra convincing!
  7. Absolutely correct, _Intense_. Gator (now "Claria") IS STILL IN THE SPYWWARE BUSINESS!!! And their horrid E-Wallet et al. is still hacking its way into the hearts of PC's worldwide--while they reap the ill-gotten gains from its malicious spying activities... And now it appears that the master thieves are in charge of vault security. The fox now guards the henhouse. Holy Sheet!! PS. Mitnick quit breaking laws; these fools heven't. Therefore, these are two entirely different and utterly incomparable situations if you ask me. Sounds like Claria has donated large sums to a few Republican Politicians' War Chests often enough to be granted Executive Favors to me.
  8. I would do neither. Instead, I'd cut out ~80% of the top panel and install a 6"x12" piece of Lexan into it. Then you can outline every detail of the design with a fine-point marker and use your Dremel's etching tool to 'frost' those parts of the acrylic. Just carefully remove the inked lines, and when they are all gone, you are all done!! Then I'd slap in a 120mm LED blowhole fan between them--which will do a wonderful job of highlighting the instruments you carved out of the plastic earlier.... But maybe you ought to do the blowhole mod first, so if that causes any cracks or complications you don't need to do the carvings over again as well. An alternative would be to glue actual pictures of the instruments onto the case top, then clearcoat the entire case to embed them into the finish of the case itself. Good luck with your mod!!
  9. I agree. Get a decent case and use its PSU for testing purposes only; I buy Thermaltakes w/o a PSU in them, personally. Buy a PC Power & Cooling, Antec or Enermax for running your rig, though. You'll be glad you did.
  10. Lose the slots. Cut them out, but be sure to leave enough plastic to mount the fan onto. Not only will the noise disappear but the system will run cooler, too.
  11. PCI is AGP Ver. 0.5, guy!! It will only give you about 1/3 of the rendering power of a 9200SE...which is to say, the PCI solutions are feces to the extreme. Benchmark with 3DMark01 and you'll see what I mean.
  12. It seems to detect the fastest possible speed your GPU MIGHT run at... I only use it for a rough guesstimate; then I tend to set the OC 20 to 30 MHz lower than its figure and try that. You can then work up gradually and carefully from there.
  13. Alcohol 120% is a bargain at 3X the price, I agree completely. Especially with its Safedisk, SecureROM and other emulations....it is teh r0xx0r!!
  14. Well, let it do the chkdsk and see if it'll let you defrag after that.
  15. You can use a fan or two on most of the Zalman GPU coolers...lots of guys will put two 80mm's in there, slap them onto the 5v rail, and call it good. Very quiet and extraordinarily chilly.
  16. "you should just get a whole new hsf instead." Sound advice, that.
  17. Make sure you use the right kind of paint.
  18. fastvfr

    Napster To Go

    Doubtful. I'd get in touch with them pronto, because you might wind up getting charged for BOTH!!
  19. Yep. Unless you burn the .iso file as-is, it will not be bootable and thus cannot install. N00bs....heh. J/K!! Just another "Knowledge Bump" for ya, is all....
  20. The system thinks your VOLUME IS DIRTY?!? Uh oh!! Better get rid of all those Pr0n Archives, GuJuMan!! Seriously, though, have you Defragged it? For some reason, that sometimes fixes this issue.
  21. I use Nero, and with about 40 different distros I have never had this happen. Try entering your BIOS and disabling Enhanced Transfers on your IDE drives, for starters, and make sure you don't have any Turbo modes or OCing going on. You can turn that stuff on again later, but for now you need to isolate the problem. And, yeah, try booting a different machine with them before you give up on those disks.
  22. Ummm....log in as Root and change the permissions?!
  23. A Zalman 7700-Cu would be a far better choice. IMHO. As tall as that thing is, it'll have lots of leverage to use against your socket. A Zalman's 900+ grams of copper weighs more, but it is snugged up to the socket itself and so there is less chance of breakage. That thing would need to be tied down to the inside of the case.
  24. Lose the PSU. Tt uses rebranded Stupor Flower units, and they are notorious for acting up like this. See if you can borrow an Antec, Enermax ect. to test with; I'll bet that helps. And, yeah, AOpen makes decent modems and crap keyboards. I'd never use one! You might want to replace that first, just to make sure that isn't the cause. GL
  25. Nah, it'd fire up w/o the CPU and the RAM would beep if it was bad. My guess is that the PSU isn't powering the 4-prong 12V lead, or it isn't plugged in fully. Try this: Unplug all PSU leads and reseat them. Disconnect all the AGP & PCI cards, and all but the HDD and one CD drive. Power it up again. Let us know what happens.
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