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  1. My girlfriend has that very card in her rig. I used the 66.31 drivers and CoolBits2 to set it to 300/500. That's a gentle OC, true enough, but I can't see where overtaxing an inexpensive 64-bit 128MB card like this would help much at all. Especially with that dinky little GPU cooler and no RAM heatsinks. The games she plays run fine with this $89 card (mostly UT2004 and some Painkiller 1.0), especially since I came by it for $0, so I guess it's okay for now. I'll give her my Gainward 5900U when I finally upgrade to a BFG 6800GT OC. Good luck!
  2. The AGP 8X bus isn't saturated, nor will it be anytime soon. There is about 3 FPS diff between 4X and 8X AGP slots, so I'd suggest he go with the best card he can afford. 9600XT is a good one, as is the 9800 Pro. 9800XT will provide a bit of future-proofing if he wants to take it with him into his next build...sounds like he's ready for 64-bit computing to me!!
  3. Not too shabby....I get just over 16,000 in 3DMark01SE and about 6500 in '03 with my Golden Sample and its mild OC.
  4. Slipstreaming. Use nLite to rip the .iso, then add the .exe's to it, just as you add a Service Pack. Finish by resetting the .iso format and burn to disk. Some apps choke on this style of installation, notably drivers which need the PC rebooted to compete the installation. Also bad candidates for this are AV apps. But for most things, this works just fine. And if you happen to have a Corporate copy of XP Pro sitting around, you won't even need to activate the OS again!! Good luck.
  5. Just removing and reinstalling the sound card drivers will probably fix it. If it doesn't, let us know.
  6. My rig is one of the best balances of stability and power of all the machines I have built. I use a Zalman 120mm 7700-Cu and a P4C800-E Deluxe and can take it to just over 3.7GHz with ease. Voltage droop sets in at about that point, but I don't need more than 3.0GHz to make my apps scream. The Zalman excels because the air jets right through the fins and out across the MOBO, cooling everything in its path. Can't beat that!! Makes your RAM and NB heatsinks active for you.
  7. The 9600XT is an excellent card. It is the 128-bit version of the 9800XT, the card that tops their non-Xxxx line for sure. I have seen them run neck and neck with a 9800Pro in some rigs, BTW...
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