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  1. The problem with your vid card will be in how it handles DirectX10, not in its interface. If you don't have a 6xxx series NVidia or a top-end Radeon card, your performance will likely be awful. Remember, your card will be in 3D mode the entire time the OS is running--it'll never get to throttle back to 2D speeds unless you dual-boot a different OS.
  2. Nah. R. Click> Properties> Customize (tab)> Change Icon. On the top, sixth from the left, is the icon you wanted. :thumbs-up:
  3. Sure, it will increase performance. The cheap, lightweight power supply, baking as it tries to provide adequate power will also be giving noisy power and probably emitting a lot more heat than a decent model. Worse still is the fact that the noise and questionable voltage output delivered to the system will reduce the amount of juice the RAM and CPU get and also limits the number of cooling fans you can safely run. Which means your PC will seem haunted until you get a better PSU in there. Crashes and corrupted data will be the norm until the system's power needs are properly met. NEVER skimp on the power supply. It is the cheapest, eaasiest way to ensure the safety of and the maximum performance from your expensive components. And always run with a UPS.
  4. Well, the back of the vid card gets hot, too, and that heat will rise towards the CPU and not get removed by that fan...in fact, alot of those PCI slot 'suckers' wind up removing more COOL air from the bottom of the case than heat--the temps can actually go UP! Sort of defeats the purpose, eh? Most times, barring a weird case layout, you'd be better off just installing a 120mm blowhole mod or adding another 80mm-90mm intake/vent pair of fans to the box. Good luck.
  5. Two things to try: 1. Grab the newest chipset and AGP drivers for that chipset. 2. Reset the CMOS (pull the battery) and make sure AGP is set in BIOS. Post back if that doesn't help.
  6. One day I may buy a 512MB graphics card... When they also have a 512-bit memory interface. Until then...pfeh. My 'old' FX5900U has enough power for 95% of the games out there right now, and the 6800GT can do twice what it can do. That's my next upgrade, obviously. And they were about $350 the last time I checked.
  7. I recently set up a customer's new PC in a Xaser V case with the top USB ports. I was sort of rushed and when I had the OS installed I noticed that one would work fine with the external HDD, but the other gave "Unknown Device" errors. I had gotten the + and - reversed on the left port... Take them both off the board and try again, but write down the pattern of colors beforehand so you don't try a known bad config more than once! You'll get it. Like you said, the PCI panel ports work perfectly...so you know it isn't the MOBO. GL!
  8. One of these with as many tpi on a bimetal saw as you can get. I just got done building two separate gold dredge sluiceboxes from scratch with 0.063" aluminum...so I KNOW this'll work for you!
  9. FC is very sensitive to bad RAM or excessive OC's. Not to the extent HL2 is, but serious just the same. Just so you know.
  10. Use the Layer Editor, import the P and erase the original P, then set the layered one where u want it to go. GIMP will do this, too.
  11. Rubbish. That is a good OCing board. The RAM may be the bottleneck. What brand/rating of PSU is running it? Do you have adequate case cooling? How many fans? Of what size? How are they set up? The coolermaster VD isn't bad but a Zalman 7700 series is a lot better, though they are heavier.
  12. One suggestion: For plastics, there is no finer product.
  13. I'd repaint the PS2's case, including the letters Kobalt grabbed for you, then use PhotoChop to change their colors to some crapin' shade--then apply them with mucilage and clearcoat the thing a couple of times after that paste dries. Should be awesome! Did you use Krylon Fusion for the plastic? I know I would have...
  14. Yes, I have used XP CD's to make the partitions...just format them FAT32 or quit the process before it begins to format them and boot to Linux. I usually use QTParted...and I have never had a problem with it.
  15. If I were you I'd lose that $50 ATI card pronto. Radeons are a beeyotch to set up drivers for, b/c they have the worst Linux support on the planet. An FX5200 works far better under *Nix, believe me.
  16. Do you have broadband? If you run ADSL, have you tinkered with the Filtering or Firewall settings recently? Sounds like either you have been Botted or there's a firewall screwing things up for you. Good luck.
  17. Fool! There is NEVER a FINAL WINDOWS RELEASE!! If you want to struggle with lousy driver support and lots of bugs, go ahead and get it now. The usual hotfixes and patches will bring your version up to date periodically. Just like with XP...just when you get it freshly installed, it's at least 6 months behind on patches, so you gotta go online and rectify the situation. Same with the 64 bit version. So go ahead...if you dare!
  18. A hot HS is a good thing, as cchalogamer pointed out. You just need to give it some cooler air to work with. Spend $5 or so and borrow a jigsaw. Use the saw to cut a hole in the side panel and make that an intake fan mounting spot. Cheap, efficient, and, when you get another $5, borrow the saw again and make another hole--this time in the TOP of the case. Mod in a blowhole. For 10 bucks you can drop temps 10C or more.
  19. Weight does matter. About half the total weight of an Antec 480w TruePower is heatsink metal. The large heatsinks mean that the unit runs at a more constant temp and that ensures that the PSU's power is more consistent and lower in noise as well. I'd say that if the unit is rated at over 400w, it should weigh in at four pounds or more; 430w, 5#...480w, 5.5#. Sort of a loose rule of thumb...but if you stick with a good brand, you'll usually be fine. BTW, Atlas, Super Flower and Thermaltake are NOT good brands.
  20. Thermaltake makes great cases, but they have never made a single PSU. They relabel those crappy lightweight Super Flowers and sell them under their name.... Raidmax units are no better than Tt PSU's in my experience. Sometimes they are even worse. I have to second the Antec/OCZ/Enermax/PC Power&Cooling vote. GL!!
  21. I vote for the extra cooling also. Just remember that the cooler the load temps are, the better it will run and the longer it will serve you.
  22. The LanMoto is interesting, but a little bit too 'busy' for my tastes... I have a And a For my Sig Rig. BTW, Tt does not make PSU's...those are crappy re-branded Super Flower models. Avoid!! Antecs are worth the money, trust me. I build and service PC's for a living and I will use nothing but Antec or Enermax.
  23. Why would anyone pay $70 for an OCZ when $80 will get you a 480w Antec TruePower?!? That's what I did and I couldn't be happier. All rails are above spec, too--3.36, 5.09, 12.16 ect....
  24. Ummmm... If you want high benchy scores, use the 44.03 or some older set. Since they are pre-DX9 drivers, they won't slow your card down nearly as much and will give ya some screaming scores. But your games won't look so good....
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