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  1. Insaneguy


    Hi Have you tried the game DOW (WARHAMMER 40.000 Dawn of war) its a great sci-fi RTS. You can find demo somewere ON THE INTERNET.
  2. Welcome anton1r to OCC, Im from the UK .
  3. Well i tried opera 8 but im too use to firefox . But i will use opera as my second browser (back up)
  4. LOL Dont worrie tracked down what was wrong with it so no help needed.
  5. Have look at this never used it but my friend said its very good. http://www.free-av.com/
  6. Thxs for the help guys going to try nod32. *Edit spelling*
  7. Hi all Need your help im sick fed up with Norton Systemworks 2004 ( Norton antivirus included). :angry2: I cant stand it any more it ruined my os xp cant restore to any points since installed systemworks. Also notice couple days ago pc acting strange so did scan with norton said it was clean didnt believe it. (yes the virus definitions were up to date & scheduled to scan every week) So went to panda online scan and picked up to 2 trogan viruses and removed them for me so much for norton sensing them! I need some advice on new antivirus program i been told panda are very good would just like to know is it? At the moment im running Antivir personal edition dont like it same goes for avg and avast. (look just dont like them dont ask me why plz) Any one know of any other good av out there?
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