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  1. ^ Either that wheel, or the logitech g25, well, I think its now the g27? I've got the g25 and play just about every good game that supports it. Great wheel!
  2. Dude, I owe you some beer! I called in to that number, and the lady cancelled it within like 45 seconds. I told her the same I told you. I purchased the GP AFTER I had already been signed up. They wouldn't even look at my account, they just said I have to cancel and pay an initiation fee of 75 bucks to start it back up again. And then gave me this stupid .ing paper that I have to mail to some office. I was enraged when I left. Talk about a pain in the butt, I have to mail something somewhere? Why cant I just do it online, or fax it, or over the phone. Sheesh /vent But thanks man, the lady just cancelled it with no issue.
  3. I added it on AFTER I created the account. Probably like 6 months after. Is it still possible to remove it?
  4. LA Fitness is doing some similar .. I have guest priveledges on my account so that some of my family members/ friends can go sometimes. Well, my family is moving across country so I wanted to cancel JUST the guest priveldges , and they say I have to cancel the entire contract, and reopen it just to remove the guest priveledges... Gimme a .in break.
  5. Yikes, 11k... My parents bout a house in SoCal in 2006. Paid 540, house is now worth 350.... You do the math. Nearly all houses here in SoCal have been doing the same thing.
  6. EA already ruined the C&C series, I could give a . less about them.
  7. I've got the 28" hanns. Its aight, dark textures in games are sometimes hard to see. Some ghosting as with any big lcd. Overall decent, especially for the price nowadays. I paid 550 for mine back when.
  8. mrsinister


    No monster-arnold = no good.
  9. You CAN overclock Alienware..... so says the guy that works for Dell, and is certified on every Dell/Alienware desktop and laptop.... erm Its not going to be quite as crazy as any high end mobo. But depending on the bios version, it might be pretty capable. Still though.. I woulda built my own
  10. If its cause you're fat, lose weight. If its cause your skinny and sweat for some reason, wear less clothes and go to a doctor. If you're really muscular, and have a really fast metabolism, then just deal with it. I do know how much it sucks sometimes sweating a lot as I am currently in state no. 3. I have put on 50 pounds in about 8 months. Because the amount of food I eat, and the lifting I do, I end up sweating almost all day as long as its over 70 degrees out. However, I rarely smell bad. Though, I doubt its the third case, especially since you are posting this on a computer enthusiast site.
  11. I agree, to an extent. Still, knowing all the algorithms needed to solve a cube in sub 20 second time is pretty ridiculous and takes a lot of work vs having a computer which is infinitely faster in decision making. Just because you don't care about a hobby doesn't mean other shouldn't. Either way, he made the video for your entertainment, and its still cool to see.
  12. I bought that case back in 2006 cause I was looking for some really cool case. I've had it forever, and wish I had gotten something a little less "fast and furious" as far as cases go. Old comp and old pic, but still looks the same. I ended up doing a blue/green combo, I think it came out the best of any color combo. I also took the time to paint everything in the comp black and white when I first got it.
  13. Turn your settings down
  14. I think you completely missed my point. Fuel injected v8's build from 95+ = a pain in the butt to work on. Your Saturn is not a v8. Thus, there's probably a good bit of room if you were to mod it.
  15. You know, at the beginning of this thread, I was nodding and agreeing with what you had said. Now it seems you're justing purposefully disagreeing with everything. Yikes man, hop down off the pedestal.
  16. Huh? New motors are not better in every way. New motors are better in some ways. Whens the last time you changed headers or cams/heads in a 95+ v8? You're opinion would be much different if you had. Not only is everything easier to work on, but brute hp is much more attainable on dinosaur block v8's because the aftermarket is cheap as .. You can't build up a new sports car for hp/cash like you can old ones. You take a fox body mustang for example. Buy the car for less than 1500 bucks, drop a forged built up 302 or larger stroked motor in it, upgrade heads, cam, full exhaust, manifold, and carb, put some big drag radials on it, and build the tranny. You just spend right around 5 or 6 grand, and have a NA beast probably pushing 400hp. Throw a cheap centri supercharger on it: 600+. Try and buy a new v8, and squeeze 600+ hp out of it for 10grand INCLUDING The car. EDIT: Most new v8 RWD cars DO weigh alot. Look at the new mustang, challenger, camaro. The things are pigs! Hell, my 99 gt weighs 3300 odd pounds stock... Probably weighs a little less now, maybe 3150-ish Yeah, lots of hideous cars out today. But its not like they're only coming from the US. Look at that piece of . cube looking nissan thing, and all the cars scion comes out with. The new SHO is about ridiculous though. Those cars can run mid 12's relatively stock. An Ecoboost v6! A .ing family car!
  17. Weeeee! Second time I've won something from OCC! Merry xmas!
  18. Boo. Didn't get it apparently. Nice? Try rice. "Lambo" doors: Lame. Big stupid reverse scoop on the fender: Lame. Neither of which came on those cars stock. There ya go. Carbureted v8's are delicious. Nothin' wrong with old school bub.
  19. Car OP posted is bad, and pretty sad actually. That has nothing to do with muscle, just a confused car owner. But here ya go, your equivalent:
  20. Soooooo tired of hearing about this "be green" ..
  21. Are the chips used or new? What condition? Provide info. Might be interested.
  22. Awesome! Thanks for the help guys. I've got some direction now. Are the AMD tricores even close in performance to the duos and quads intel has? Also, been a long time since I've owned an ATI card. The 5770 is a very new card?
  23. There's no way in hell I could not shave for a month. My beard comes in pretty thick. When I keep a beard, I have to trim and shave AT LEAST 2-3 times a week to.
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