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  1. I'm using the Corsair H105. If I went the delidding route, what would I use as a replacement? Is there an aftermarket HS I can buy? A quick google search revealed nothing to me. Last time I delided a CPU was a core2duo and I never felt like my aftermarket heatsink ever really fit on quite right afterwards. Plus the panic of scrapping around a $300 chip.
  2. What's the max temp for a 4790K? In AIDA64 I'm showing a CPU temp of a solid 57 under load, but the core temps spike from ~55-75 constantly. Is this something to be concerned about? Based on the CPU temp and the current voltage, I was thinking of shooting for 5GHz, but got hesitant. Thoughts?
  3. I would agree with you in most cases but as of late VW has had terrible reliability ratings. JD power has an estimated rating on the 2010 GTI of 5.0 out of 10 stars....
  4. Im going to go sit in the VW GTI today at lunch. I really like the look of the car, just a bit worried about reliability....
  5. Wow, your all missing the point entirely... Ill try one last time to end this confusion.... I want EITHER an economical vehicle with great gas mileage OR a sporty car that gets at least 20mpg (city) I am not looking for a sporty car with 40mpg and I am in no way saying that an economical car is anything that gets over 20mpg.
  6. o.O the Audia A3 looks nice. Anyone have any experience with this car?
  7. Im actually looking for either (A) a hybrid or (B) something sportier with at least 20mpg.
  8. Not dead set on new in anyway. I really like the diesel jetta... Ill have to go sit in one.
  9. No it doesnt have to be a hybrid. I wanted to go with the civic hybrid cause it was nice looking and had awesome mpg, but now that that is out..... Id prefer something with at least avrg 20mpg, but everything is negotiable...
  10. They dont make a 2010 hybrid accord. They switched to the Insight which is a total mom car imho. Used hybrids hold their value well and it would be hard to pay top dollar for a used hybrid.
  11. I was dead set on the 2010 civic hybrid, went to the dealership, sat in the drivers seat and the deal was off. Im 6'3 and the leg room just wasnt there. So its back to the drawing board. If I cant get something with awesome gas millage Id prefer something more sporty. Im looking to spend around 30k.... If it was you, what would you get, new or used. I need some ideas friends! Thanks!
  12. Im trying to find a way to cap my netflix download rate. I watch a lot of the streaming and its hogging the bandwidth. Its taking up about 8mb of our 12 leaving only 4 for the other roommates. Anyone know of a way I can limit myself? I found one site that said you can hit ctrl+alt+shift+s and drop the rate from 1500 to 500. This did absolutly nothing.... Simpler the solution the better. Thanks! *EDIT* I should explain further. Since our download speed is so high, netflix streams in HD and theres no way to tell it not to. . . so far as I can tell. If I could tell it not to stream hd, or find a way to cap my download speed... At my old house we only got a max of 4 down and the quality was fine. Now im getting 12 down the quality looks the same, but its using up 8-10
  13. Still trying to get to the elusive 4Ghz. . . Im worried about pushing my voltages too high. Anyone know the limits? Any other changes to the above profile that I could make to help me reach that 4Ghz? Id really appreciate any advice. Thanks!
  14. If anyone has similar specs with their PC, I would love it it you could post your settings for reference. Thanks! Im cooling with air using a Noctua NH-U12P
  15. Got my new system built and Im pretty happy with it. My case is a beast but it sure was nice to have all that room to work in. As I havent done an OC since my AMD 939 (never OC'ed an Intel chip) days Im starting out slow. This is the configuration of my first overclock. If anyone could offer suggestions or give me an idea of how far I might be able to push this guy, let me know. Im always open to suggestions. Ai Overclock Tuner - Manual CPU Ratio Setting - Auto Intel
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