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  1. OK, cool. So [email protected] means Enermax right? I kind of worked [email protected] out. But the breating room, [email protected] what Im interested in. How much do I have then? Can I like add 1 more 5W meon or mayB 5 more ? C what Im getting @? I wanna no how I no when my powers gonna run out B4 I add the Hardware. By the way, How what happens when U dont have enuff power? Does it all just stop working? Burn something out?
  2. Cool 1 Zipperhead, I bet there R loads of dads out there who wouldnt no how or dare 2 do it, U go man! Tnx 4 the nfo
  3. Got the design, and a bud-E told me his chick ( [email protected] wife in plain English ) nos how 2 do it ( Stained glass U pervs :-) so I was thinking of getting her 2 help me ( With the Mod guys, plz keep Ur minds on the subject ok ) But every mod I C has Bn done with Plexiglass and not real glass, Y is [email protected]?
  4. Dude, Im not quite sure yet, Im still in the process of checking everything out. The only thing [email protected] is Certain @ the moment is [email protected] im gonna make like nike and do it. What is certain is [email protected] its a MSI K7T266 Pro2 RU with AMD !800+ 512MB 2 Maxtor 40Gig HDs Asus V7700 GF2 GTS Deluxe SB Live Silverado Noise Control Cooler, DVD Rom ,CD-RW, ZIP and floppy drives. What I want 2 add is 3 Fans, 2 Neons and a . load of paint, glass and possibly a Mechanical CPU Tachometer. What I dont no I want 2 add yet cant B taken in2 account, but I dont want 2 not have enuff power when I do cause I only got a 250W PSU right now and Im sure [email protected] not going 2 b enuff. What U think, Should I call the Springfield PowerStation up and ask for a direct line? :-) Cheers, Richie
  5. Hi guys, Got this idea. What about a stained glass window i.s.o plex-glass or tinted/frosted glass? Any1 ever Cn it done b4? What U think?
  6. Hi all. Saw this cool Mechanical Tachometer thingy and am considering adding it 2 the list of goodies 4 my mod. But... Im wondering if the thing chews up CPU cycles? Any1 out there who has 1 of these buggers and wants 2 tell me if they reccomend it or not? Cheers, Richie
  7. Hi all, Any1 ever try 1 of those thingies [email protected] can conect 2 Cd players 2 1 Soundcard? I saw 1 4 sale somewhere and am considering buying it, but does it work and whats the sound quality like? If Uve had 1, got 1 or no some1 who does, or heard about some1 who did etc, plz reply. Cheers, Richie
  8. Sweet, If U think of anything plz let me no. GR, Richie
  9. Hi Guys, How do I work out how much power my system needs? OK, i no I can just put a huge PSU in there and get it over and done with, but now Im curious and wanna no how 2 work out how much power my machine is munchin. R there any tables with this info? Cheers, Richie
  10. Thanks Guys, I now no I gotta get more power. Whats the deal on the emmerax Power units? From my seraches so far I can tell [email protected] they seem 2b good, any moddels 2 avoid? And how the [beep] do U no [email protected] a neon only uses 5W? Where do I find this kind of stuff, like how much does my HD use and my Burner etc? Any Ideas? Well, Got so many Qs, I think I should just post em seperateley. Anywayz, thanks 1nce again 4 the help. Greetz, Richie
  11. I havent started my Mod yet, just working out the setup. So what do the pros say? Is my 250W Power Supply Unit (PSU) gonna give me enuf power 2 run my AMD 1800, 3 HDs 2 CD-DVD drives, a neon light ( possibly two ) and 5 fans?
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