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    64 Bit AMD 2800+ stock speeds,stock cooling w/ 4 case fans
    MSI K8N Neo Platinum Mobo
    PDP Patriot Systems PC3200 DDR 512MB
    BFG Tech Nvidia GeForce FX 5500 Oc'd edition
    80Gb WD 7200 RPM 8mb Cache
    30Gb Maxtor 7200 2mb Cache(secondary)
  1. digitalphreek

    Motherboard Temp Monitor?

    That seems like a good device..although..im looking for something that is a program that can just be installed rather than an internal or external device atm.. any other suggestions? Thanks
  2. digitalphreek

    Ive Been Away For A While..

    Thanks alot guys for the advice..glad i got a broad range of opinions here..i think i know which way i am gonna go..economically..i think it will be easier for me to go with a ATI card that was listed above or the 6800GT ..i cant afford to change mobos and such right now..that and a new card will be too costly for me atm.. Thanks again guys..
  3. digitalphreek

    Motherboard Temp Monitor?

    Ok my rig specs are on the sig...i am just looking for a small do-dad that shows the system temp and mobo temp and that kinda thing..but reliable and as accurate as possible of course too..I had MM5..but it doesnt seem to wanna run correctly..i guess it doesnt know my mobo.. Can anyone suggest any thing else i can use to monitor my rig.. THanks Digi
  4. Ok so ive been outta the loop for a little bit..havent had alot of time to stay current with the new tech gear thats out.. I hear there is a new Nvidia card out 7800 or something..I have the 6600GT..which to me so far is doing ok..but hey..we all want more right?..Is this thing only PCIE? Or is there an AGP version...if its only PCIE..im kinda screwed i think..my mobo doesnt offer that..so should i look around and find a 6800GT and take a step higher or just stick with what i have? I have been playing WOW(Wolrd of Warcraft) and i am satisfied with how my 6600GT performs..but if the 6800GT will offer me a little more "ummmffffff"..then i'll get it..what do ya guys say? Digitalphreek
  5. digitalphreek

    So My Brand New Xp Product Key Doesn't Work.

    Hey Cokeman..quick question..do u work for Coca Cola..? If so..which branch..? I work for Coca Cola up where I live..I'm a 16 Bay Driver..lol..I was just wondering.. ttyl, Digital
  6. digitalphreek

    Does This Really Work..?

    Ok..this is a question I have ..I have a friend..well..someone I work with..and we will talk computers from time to time..and I was telling him that I would like to get some more air flow going into my rig since the temps outside are getting warmer..he told me that he has stock cooling..and then he also said that he gets a big oscillating fan..something that would be used in your living room most likely..and he puts that directly on his system..and just has it blowing on the rig itself..he also states that he has one of the side panels off as well.. Does this in any way help..? To me it sounds kinda far off..I can understand the idea..just sounds off a little bit tho.. I got 3 fans in my case right now..plus the vid card has one on it as well..im using stock cpu cooling..I leave my rig on 24/7 since i fold..I just want a little more air just to be safe since the temps are heating up outside and my computer room is getting a tad warmer..not oven hot or nothing..but none the less.. any ideas are appreciated.. Digitalphreek.
  7. digitalphreek

    Got Monitor?

    Hey guys..i think im gonna be in the market for a new monitor..any ideas on where I can get a decent deal on something bigger than 17''..oh and I'll take the CRT..dont have the cash for a flat..im trying for maybe a 19'' or higher..with decent resolution or whatever.. thanks Digi..
  8. digitalphreek

    Is This Running Right?

    I think the FSB is @ 206..which brings the cpu to 1.858 Ghz..sos that would explain why the ram is going at 205.4 mhz ...instead of just plain ol' 200 mhz...basically..im trying to achieve getting my rig to 2.0 stable..with decent temps..and without cooking the system..are there any programs other than MBM 5 that can monitor system and chip temps..? MBM5 doesnt have my model mobo in the program so it doesnt give accurate temps and such..so im looking for a similar program so I can keep an eye on how the system is doing temp wise..then after I know what im running at..I will begin to push a little farther..
  9. digitalphreek

    Is This Running Right?

    Ok...i checked again..(ima noob)..i just never have checked my RAM speeds before building this computer..i mean..my old rig..was simple..just a P3 1.12Ghz..512 of PC133 and I never really messed with any settings.. Here is what I gathered from a closer look at CPU-Z: 1024 Mb running at 205.4 Mhz with timings of 2.5-3-3-8 Is this good..bad...just ok...what can I do to give it a little more pep? How would I change this setting as I never OC'd RAM before..? THanks alot fellas for the help..
  10. I gotta gig of PDP Patriot RAM(pc3200) in my rig..i was messing around with CPU-Z the other nite and noticed that it says that one of the sticks is running at 166mhz in slot#1 and 200mhz in slot#2...this isnt right,is it? How do I change the settings of my RAM in bios(never OC'd RAM before) so I could use some guidance on how to do this... My mobo is listed below in sig..its only got 2 slots on the mobo for RAM..I have one 512 in each slot.. any helps is appreciated.. thanks..
  11. digitalphreek

    Pc3200 Still Topnotch?

    Try looking into PDP/Patriot Memory..I got a Gig of the PC3200 "Regular Stuff" and it works good..gets the job done..and its very reasonably priced compared to other bigger name brands..you should be able to get 2 512's for just about 125.00 or a fraction more than that..try newegg and look at them..
  12. digitalphreek

    6800 And 6600 Gt

    I got a 350W psu in my rig..and I also knew a guy who was running a 6800GT with the same psu(wattage wise) and he never had any issues..my rig is doing fine with my psu..no probs as of yet at least..oh yeah..I got my 6600GT at CompUsa too..i gotta buddy that works there and he hooked me up..I paid 200.00 for mine..got the warranty also with it in case I clock it too much and cook it up..lol
  13. I just got the 6600GT from BFG its the OC edition but also AGP..I know there are PCI-E versions..look into those ones..any of the ones the guys suggest on here are all good cards...be it ATI or Nvidia...they will both easily accomplish what your looking for...
  14. digitalphreek

    Most Reliable 6800gt Card

    I just picked up the BFG Tech Nvidia 6600GT OC..and I got it at 579/1160 using Coolbits 2.0 on it..seems to be stable..no probs..its a good card..and I got it for a good price too..so thats also a plus...BFG makes good products...I have a FX5500 OC 128mb from them also..and theres no problems with it..its obviously not as good a card as the 6600GT but its been stable..no probs with that either..
  15. digitalphreek

    Motherboard Fried By Ram