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  1. wat r the spec for the pci network cards?(if u have pics please post so that i can see)
  2. I am a big fan of the simpsons ever since i was little.But south park has peak my interest so i thought i ask u occ peeps which is better.
  3. I'm also hooked on Fullmetal alchemist and Samurai Champloo.I just wish i had the full subbed series on my hard drive.
  4. Invadertrax is right i saw it on adultswim and i felt like findin out so tht's y i made this poll.my bad i put homicide instead of suicide.Thanks CoolZero101 for the correction.
  5. If u have multiple personality and kill ur self is it consider murder or suicide. (miss wrote word should be suicide instead of homicide just consider homicide as suicide)
  6. well im not gettin any of those problem but i am gettin spyware from ff every time i open also which ff version do u have. i was wonderin if any else get it.
  7. Martin Luther King Jr. so he can see that his dream did come true
  8. I'ma try it, 10gauge how far have u gottin ur ti4400?
  9. Hey Occ peeps, I was wondering how much can u overclock a 4400 to on a stock fan Thanks in advance for ur help
  10. Hi occ peeps, iI am gettin a TI 4200 and was wondering at wat do i need to put mem clock and core clock so tht it can run like a TI 4600 thanks in advance for ur help
  11. AMD all the way cuz intel well neva compete with amd's prices and proformance
  12. i am lookin for a amd 2400+ pc2100 256mb or higher dosen't need to be name brand as long as it's in good condition and works. Max i'll pay is $115 shiped thank for ur replys
  13. ur a tru oc'er wen: -u use one of ur pc's as a paper weight -ur favorite song is windows startup
  14. has any one gottin money from surfjunky yet?
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