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    Hey all Just a newbie here wondering how u guys get ur rig to show the specs when u post in forums Thnx
  2. Hey peeps Just wanted ur opinoin on buying some new RAM Im on a limited budget and am in the pos to pick up some new RAM. Im currently running some generic 512k(Advance Modules???) PC3200 ram with XP2800+ on a MSI K7N2 mobo. So heres my question: Ive seen some cheap 1GB setups (512kx2) pc2700 sets goin for about $120 or so, but wonder if it would be better to pick up 1 512k QUALITY ram for roughly the same price. Is it better to run more but little slower ram? I tend to run lots or racing sims and am looking for good FPS fast loading. Keep in mind I dont plan on upgrading more till i do a new rig, so this ram is gonna have to last me a good 1-2 yrs Ne thoughts would be appreciated TY
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