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    wow, i could spend many workdays here... already wasted a few hours today
  2. i used to run my conn thru one machine and connect another one to that. in the properties for the internet conn for the puter hooked up to aohell, theres a checkbox to enable ICS (internet conn sharing). check that. on the other machine, you can set up a dial conn to dial that connection via the network if its a dial out conn, or just access that conn via the cable between them. not the quickest of conns, but its good enough for most games.
  3. yup, they carry most of what you need. they have a data/ phone aisle, where youll most likely find most of it. i usually get my modules from frys elec in a pinch or ADI in bulk, but ive seen them at home depot.
  4. permissions. make sure you have your login on both puters, since youre not using a DNS controller. what i mean is, if your login on one puter is UID: fred PW: durst make sure you mirror that on the other machine. while its not totally necessary, it sure makes it a lot easier. especially if youre having issues finding one or another.
  5. if we are getting totally tech, the blue plates are called gang plates, since gang boxes are enclosed with openings to accommodate conduit. which, btw, you dont want to use for cat5+ cabling. handy box is a construction term from electrical installs, which is a nickname for a gang box. the double isnt necessary, as the 8 port face plate fits on a single gang. if you want to split it, a double gang works also. not trying to be an butt, but doing this for a living i get used to using terms from the guys here, and i took that as a "test" of my knowledge.
  6. went back in time to find this, since your new post had zero info on what you were doing. when you connect 2 computers, whether they are on the same subnet or not, you can do a puter search for the other puters name. when it finds it, you can go from there. be aware, you need the account info from both to go further, since XP doesnt like letting unknown people browse around. the post on setting up the IP addys and subnet is right, but if you dont see it in network neighborhood or "computers near me", hit ctrl+windows+F and type in the name. sometimes it just needs a reminder to look around for someone else connected. as for it being XP home, he right. it sucks. the main parts they took out were the networking, which makes it a lot of fun to do this.
  7. not necessarily true... while remote access requires a connection, its a connection to the server, not the ISP. if they arent willing to do a network drop to her desk, they may think a remote access connection to the main server at core n cut would be a cheaper solution. doing this, you connect and login to the server via remote access, giving her the same rights as anyone on the network, wired or wireless. this, in turn, gives her access to the internet using the companies ISP. the downfall is that while the company server is on 512k conn, the dialup link for her desk is still limited to 53k over the phone line. i have this type of setup for myself and the owner here, so he can check on finances while out of town and for me to remotely admin the system while away from the office. pretty cool setup, but dont expect a quick link for running progs over it. ninternet via this does in a pinch, but its almost slower than dial up, since you have to go thru the server to access it.
  8. they are called modular plugs, and come in many flavors. there are RJ-45 with 6 wires, as well as RJ-45 with 8 wires. also RJ-11, which is for telephone, so not relevant here. when you go to buy them, hit a puter store that has a good section for network installation. frys electronics has a pretty good assortment of toys for this. the parts will say (8p8s) on them, but you have to make sure you get the right ones. they are either pop style or solder style. the solder ones suck, unless you like soldering. the pop on ones require a punch tool to install, but that is a small investment for the time it saves you later. they are all color coded for 568a or 568b, so all you do is follow the color scheme for the one you want. as for the drop to your basement, its the best way to do it, but make sure that second switch goes to the uplink port, not one of the regular ports. im pretty sure the newer switches are all auto-sensing, so it may not be an issue, but something you should at least be aware of. when using the wall plate, make sure you get a handybox made for data, which will be a basic blue frame with a pop in thingie to hold it to drywall. the face plates can hold any number of modules, from cable to phone to network, and the biggest one ive seen had 8 ports in it, to allow a ton of stuff in one plate. good luck, its fun but not necessarily easy to extend a network when youre doing the construction yourself.
  9. another thing to look at is your IP that the internet sees. sometimes youre on a dynamic routing table, which could change your IP on a whim or a reboot at their farm. if youre using cable, your router is the point of access, but the puter itself reports a specific IP to the public. go to a site that will tell you your IP address and use that for hosting games. www.ventrilo.com has a link "My IP" that will tell you your IP addy. i had the same issues when running a ventrilo server on my machine with cable, but the routing changed it. also, that number was different than the number reported when you run\ipconfig your machine for the IP addy. the firewall in all routers is able to be disabled. not a good idea, but it is possible.
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    mmmmm..... cheez n crackers....
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    A Few Question

    tried that, theres 2 accts for asp services that im supposing my progs use at some point, and even with those disabled, administrator as the only active acct and no customs with no pw at all, it still stops at the welcome screen. when i disable the welcome screen, it goes to the logon screen. sure, all i have to do is hit enter, but i need it to bypass this. i suppose i couls script past that, but was looking for an easier solution. and yes, this is an old post but a new problem for me.
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    hiya! got referred here by my tech support company to find a solution to a login prob im having, decided it would be a good site to join. how yall doin?
  13. twisty

    A Few Question

    trying to do the same thing with bypassing the login screen, doesnt work so far. I went thru and unchecked "require using Ctrl+Alt+Del" setting, but it still comes in with a login popup. i want my puter to boot up, run a program that is its sole purpose in life. any ideas?
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