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  1. Software Testing Software testing is used to verify that software products meet customer expectations. Defect free. This refers to the execution of software/system parts using manual or automatic tools to evaluate one or several properties. Software testing is used to find gaps and errors in requirements. Software testing is sometimes called Black Box Testing, White Box Testing or Software testing. Software Testing is the process of verifying an application that has been submitted for testing (AUT). This Software Testing course explains the importance of software testing to the audience. Software Testing: Future Opportunities Software Testing, technically speaking, is an investigation that provides information to stakeholders about the quality of a product or service being tested. Software testing can also be described as a verification and validation process. A tester must be familiar with the software being tested and the tools needed to do so. It can be extremely specialized and your employer may need to train you. You must be organized, patient, meticulous, logical, meticulous and organized to be a successful tester. Know more about Software Testing
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